AWEPONAfrican Women's Economic Policy Network
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In May 2008, FEMNET in collaboration with AWEPON, AWDF, ActionAid International-Africa and UNIFEM Africa Section, will host a two day regional consultation in Nairobi, Kenya on 'African Women's Consultation on Aid Effectiveness'.
En mai 2008, FEMNET en collaboration avec AWEPON, AWDF, Aide et Action International - Afrique et l'UNIFEM, section Afrique, accueillira une consultation regionale de deux jours a Nairobi, Kenya sur 'la Consultation des Femmes Africaines sur l'Efficacite de l'Aide'.
In doing all this, the WSF Nairobi 2007 Organizing Committee should and must work with organizations like the Coalition on Violence Against Women, FEMNET, FIDA, Equality Now, AWEPON, Sahiba Sisters Foundation, TAMWA, Five Centuries Theatre Group, WIPPET, ENDA-Ethiopia, Kenya Human Rights Commission, OXFAM, Action Aid, MS Kenya, Heinrich Boll Foundation and other civil society bodies that have a proven track record in these areas.