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AWERAssociation of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (est. 2005)
AWERAquatic, Watershed, and Earth Resources (Utah State University)
AWERAll References Word Error Rate (machine translation evaluation)
AWERAnimal Welfare Enforcement Report (now Animal Welfare Report; USDA)
AWERAdvanced Wilderness Emergency Response (emergency medical responder training; Canada)
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See also Aitken, supra note 96; Awer, supra note 96; Woodcock, supra note 96; Reid, supra note 96.
Most recently, we have supported the establishment of 100Sq Kilometers rhino sanctuary with a complete solar-powered electric fence that the 14 rhinos will now call home.'' Awer said.
A., Dr Elin Wihlborg, Dr Marijn Janssen, Dr, Anwer Awer, M., Esichaikul, V., Rehman, M., and Anjum, M.
On its own, this would present quite a major challenge to most contractors, but what compounds their problems is that the site is situated between two of Dubai's busiest road arteries -- Al Khail Road and Al Awer Road.
family and friends Alder and Liam and perhaps their gs will become that awer if that is posble as the derby pproaches, given what the two lads felt about their club and, this is a air guess, being the ct the derby was the est game of their season.
"Since poachers are using sophisticated technology, it's high time that Kenya embraces the same," said Mohammed Awer, WWF Kenya's Country Director.
International Economics, Banking and Finance Ibrahim Al-Salamah Kwame Michael Awer Asare Xin Yang Bao Panagiota Bekiari Sarah Bochud Ying Chen Andreas Christodoulou Xin Dai Yun Duan Shenglan Ge Lingqiu Guo Michael James Hardie Louyun Hu Xiao Hu Guohua Huang Despoina Korompili For Hong Lee Qiang Li Yunyun Li Shen Lu Siqi Luo Shakil Al Mamun Michail Michailopoulos Lucy Minford James Richard Morgan Naveed Imran Mughal Hui Pan Shan Qiu Marc Robert Sage Valerios Stais Stella-Styliani Stournara Duc Trung Tran Yinqiu Wang Yuqi Wang Bo Wu Jing Wu Xiaojing Wu Qian Xu Yaojue Xu Bin Yang Jing Jun Yang Ying Yang Zi Yi Yang Chang Yuan Chen Zhang Weiqi Zhang Cheng Cheng Zhao Kailin Zou
3-4) nu=smas=za ziqqa assus es tuqq=at ICI-an-da assawes asandu "You be good to them, and let them be good toward you." (KBo 12.30 ii 10-11) 1 (LU) DAM.GAR-ma=kan LUGAL-i menahhanda arta "One merchant stands before/facing the king." (KUB 57.95 iv 5-6) mahhan=ma=mu=kan LU.MES (URU) Duqqamma menahhanda awer "When the men of D.
De Herr Lehrer au, awer besser" (God knows everything.
No sooner had he said that than a rebel unit with around 7,000 soldiers crossed the border into Uganda and attacked and pillaged the small market village of Awer in the Padwat district near the border with Sudan.
Syncopation of the third person singular forms is by no means unusual in the poem (for example, supported by rhyme at lines 779 and 851);(2) and it is certainly no less common than confusion of r and t, which all editors since Wells have assumed to have occurred at this point - resulting in the emendation awer, 'anywhere'.(3) It is possible that thane/than could mean not 'than' but 'when'.