AWFCSAll Weather Flight Control System (US DoD)
AWFCSAutomatic Waste Feed Cutoff System (environment)
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More information on the 20 AWFCs can be accessed at the milSuite Web site by searching Army warfighting challenges.
The AWFC process culminates in a capabilities integration enterprise forum in which the AWFC running estimate is briefed to the director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center and the community of practice.
The intelligence warfighting function presents CNA results through the AWFC construct.
Moving forward, the primary lines of effort required to support this AWFC are to--
MSCoE will continue to lead the collaboration among the stakeholders through monthly meetings of the AWFC No.
Sustainment functions exist within each of the other 19 challenges, most notably AWFC #12, Conduct Joint Expeditionary Maneuver and Entry Operations.
AWFCs are enduring first-order questions that provide focus to capability development in the near, mid and far terms.
Each AWFC is aligned with one of the seven warfighting functions (mission command, movement and maneuver, intelligence, fires, sustainment, engagement, and protection) and is assigned to a center of excellence that acts as the lead for the collaboration and analytic investigation of the assigned AWTC while simultaneously providing support for the 19 other AWFCs.
Through integration, collaboration, and synchronization, the results are shared across the Army Capabilities Integration Center community in order to answer all of the first-order questions related to the 20 AWFCs and their associated second- and third-order questions (currently more than 800 questions).
In direct support of the Chemical Corps Regimental Strategy 2025 LOE 1 and LOE 2 and AWFC No.