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AWFIAbdominal Wall Fat Index (echocardiography)
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Al Awfi said that other sources were also being researched for economic feasibility.
The starting cost to the owner of the property is purely symbolic; it will not exceed 10 per cent of the total value and will be refunded through the monthly invoice he receives." Al Awfi said the Sultanate would use renewable energy sources -- solar and wind energy- for about 30 per cent of electricity production by 2030 and that other sources were being researched for economic feasibility.
Awfi said that some regional intelligence services put Saudi youths into the frontline of militant activities with the goal of sending a political message to Saudi Arabia.
*Ahmed Al Awfi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, OMAN INDIA FERTILIZER COMPANY (OMIFCO)
(Muhammad al Awfi) (43) are Saudi citizens who were repatriated from
The interior ministry says the country's top Al Qaeda suspect Saleh Al Awfi has been killed in a clash with police, two weeks after the US warned of imminent attacks in the world's largest oil producer.
The American Wood Finishing Institute (AWFI) and the Electrotechnology Applications Center of Northampton Community College (ETAC) have joined in an alliance to provide wood finishers with a complete resource of finishing technologies.
1366/1988], 1:414) points out, Awfi had Daqiqi writing twenty thousand lines of a Shahnameh, and Hamdallah Mostafava three thousand.
At the end of the conference, Hamad Al Awfi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Chairman of the committee for National Priorities and Adapting strategies at Oman 2040 vision, highlighted the need to ensure the availability of necessary funding for the implementation of vision programmes, in addition to clearly identifying the future role of all sectors, specifically the government sector.
We also look forward to expanding our footprint in Bangladesh's growing market', said Talal al Awfi, chief executive officer of OTI.
Talal Al Awfi, CEO of Oman Trading International (OTI), said, "The Takatuf Scholars Programme is the most sophisticated mentoring and sponsorship programme we have seen in Oman, and OTI is pleased to support its graduates because we believe that nothing is more important than our investment in human capital.
Among those banned from running are current members including Salim Al Awfi, Humaid Al Nasri and Salim Al Mashani.