AWGNAdditive White Gaussian Noise
AWGNAdaptive White Gaussian Noise
AWGNAmerican Willow Growers Network (est. 1988)
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In (1), [n.sub.t] is the AWGN term with zero mean and variance of [[sigma].sup.2].
In this work, we discuss the watermark error probability under the presence of AWGN as follows.
Proposed work is tested on various types of noises like White Gaussian Noise (WGN), Adaptive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) etc.
A series of computer simulation tests using C programming language have been carried out on the system in Figure 1 with three types of detectors, DR1, DR2 and DR3, to determine their relative tolerance to AWGN when operating over ADPCM link in cascade with telephone channel.
The output of BPSK is provide to AWGN white noise channel, where the SNR parameter is varied from 40dB to -30dB.
In the channel parameters [[alpha].sub.n,1] = 1 and [[alpha].sub.n,2] = 0, the BER of the MISO-SRMR-DCSK system under the AWGN channel can be expressed as
where h [n] and [z.sub.1] [n] and [z.sub.2] [n] are the channel impulse response and the AWGN signal added on the 1st and the 2nd subframes, respectively.
Let n ~ CN(0, [R.sub.N]) represent the AWGN. [R.sub.N] denotes the covariance matrix of noise.
If a transmitted symbol does not interfere with the jamming signal and the AWGN channel is assumed, then the probability density functions (PDFs) of [y.sub.0] and [y.sub.j], j [member of] {1, ..., M - 1}, are derived as follows [24]:
Caption: Figure 5: (a) Recovered image after AWGN attack.