AWHCAustralian Wildlife Health Centre (Healesville, Victoria, Canada)
AWHCAmerican West Heritage Center (Wellsville, UT)
AWHCAvailable Water Holding Capacity (soil)
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Past research suggested that AWHC and BC are the most important physical soil quality indicators (Reynolds et al.
However, CR values were negatively correlated with RFC, SAR, AC and P (all P<0.05), and positively correlated with BD and pH (both P < 0.01) and AWHC (P < 0.05) (Table 6).
These traumatic injuries include large volumes of free blood in the coelomic cavity, punctures or tears to the heart, lung contusions, and free blood in the respiratory system (AWHC postmortem records).
However, given the myriad of species that are presented to the AWHC each year for rehabilitation, this was not practical.
Given that the research team members are also stakeholders in the placement of social work students at Tillery and CCT and AWHC, it is important to address our roles and responsibilities as insider/outsider participants in this study.
Dara is the director of the AWHC and a long-standing member of the Tillery community and CCT.
However, increased capillary porosity did not translate into increased AWHC. Inorganic amendments either had no effect on AWHC (medium and coarse sands) or, as in the fine sand, actually decreased AWHC.
Some of the IAs actually decreased AWHC in the fine and medium sands.
This increase in organic carbon further stabilised the soil and thereby increased the AWHC (Fig.
Consequently improved water acceptance (as seen after heavy rain) and the AWHC of the soil were increased.
"I've used a number of scrap-removal systems, including sheet-metal chutes, belted conveyors, and others, and none of them were very efficient," says Nate Taylor, tool engineer at AWHC. Taylor says AWHC experimented with conveyor-belt systems, but found that scrap tended to get under the belt or in the joints, causing costly repairs.
An advantage of layering soils to enhance AWHC is that plant growth can be improved.