AWHSAnthony Wayne High School (Whitehouse, OH)
AWHSArchbishop Williams High School
AWHSAppleton West High School (Wisconsin)
AWHSASROC Weapon Handling System
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The AWHS management team reflects the unique combination of expertise in marketing, aging and healthcare embodied by the company.
AWHS is a fast-growing, privately held company located at 2000 Powell Street, 11th Floor, Emeryville, Calif.
Note to Editors/Reporters: You may find the following AWHS executives to be valuable resources and spokespeople on the topics listed below.
Bart Penfold, president of AWHS, is an industry expert on the changing roles and structures of businesses within the healthcare industry.
As it is, nearly 40 women would have come to Eugene AWHS for abortions this weekend, and they are now forced to seek appointments in Portland.
Some might see this as a case of AWHS abandoning care and dumping patients on local providers, which is clearly a health risk for those clients who have had abortions in the past few weeks and now need follow-up care.
Furthermore, Lois Smith, the executive director of the administration of AWHS, stated in a memo to all staff and in a July 17 article in The Oregonian that the decision to close the Eugene facility was a "business decision" intended to "strengthen the Portland office.
Considering the combination of factors - including the AWHS administration's unwillingess to address concerns of doctors and staff at the Eugene clinic, and Lois Smith's statement that the closure was a "business decision" - it is difficult for those of us who were the health workers, receptionists, and volunteers to accept the closure.