AWIGAllied Woolmen Insulation Group (Brackenridge, Australia)
AWIGAdverse Weather Insurance Group (National Golf Course Owners Association)
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AWIG is a recently formed subsidiary with the goal of becoming a market leader in operating smaller hotel/casino properties.
Leroy's owns and operates over 60 race/sports book outlets in the state of Nevada, CBS is the dominant supplier of sports wagering hardware/software to the Nevada gaming industry, AWIM is a Nevada Gaming Commission-licensed manufacturer/distributor and supplier of race/sports self-service wagering kiosks, and AWIG is the sole member of Sturgeon's, LLC, the operator of Sturgeon's Inn & Casino.
AWIG), a company controlled by Michael and George Karfunkel, in settlement of a claim originally brought by Frank James Brown involving the acquisition by AWIG of several agencies formerly owned by Brown.