AWINSARINC (Aeronautical Radio Incorporated) Wireless Interoperability Network Solution
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We are very pleased to achieve this recognition and know that LMRRecord is a valuable new communications tool that will be welcomed by ARINC's AWINS customers.
Cistera's LMR recording solution was successfully integrated and certified by ARINC for the AWINS architecture at their state-of-the-art lab facilities.
ARINC's solution offers another benefit - agencies using AWINS can keep their present communications equipment because AWINS links wired and wireless systems of all types - telephones, private branch exchanges (PBX), standard UHF and VHF analog radios, mobile digital, ship-to-shore, air-ground, voice over IP, and both standard and push-to-talk cellular phones.
AWINS is available coast-to-coast over ARINC's high-speed AviNet(R) network, which is one of the largest private data networks with mobile voice and data solutions, delivering universal connectivity for companies, trading partners, service providers, and government agencies worldwide.
ARINC, with the introduction of AWINS has tackled the interoperability gap, bringing the right technology to the market at a time when its need has been more pronounced than ever.
ARINC began development of AWINS following 9/11 2001, and built the system's architecture with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology to assure long useful life and availability of parts for maintenance.
Public safety agencies can interconnect with AWINS without costly new infrastructure or hardware.