AWIPSAdvanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWIPSAutomated Weather Interactive Processing System
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The NDFD is populated by NWS meteorologists creating their routine forecast data (surface temperatures, winds, probability of precipitation, etc.) on the AWIPS GFE.
Next-generation software for AWIPS is being developed by NOAA's Global Systems Division based on research and development work done by Karstens et al.
Raytheon, 2016: AWIPS CAVE-D2D user's manual: AWIPS II operational build 13.4.1.
WDSS-II had some early success during the Veterans Day tornado outbreak of 9-11 November 2002, with the NWS service assessment of the event stating that "WFO Jackson benefited from new experimental radar products produced by WDSS-II during the November 10 event" and that its "capabilities should be prioritized for inclusion in future AWIPS [Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System] and future Open Radar Product Generator (ORPG) builds" (NWS 2003, p.
Several data fields (hail-size estimates, reflectivity at several different levels, and rotation tracks) were also supplied in real time to the operational AWIPS at forecast offices in Norman; Fort Worth, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma; for testing and feedback by forecasters to help improve the system.
Through this program a variety of ABI products are being supplied to the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) for user training.
This is followed by how the proxy ABI products are generated and tested, including progress in our goal of introducing these products into AWIPS II--the NWS's next generation of AWIPS.
LAPS is used operationally by more than 20 national and international agencies, including the NWS, where it has been operational in the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) since 1995.
Note that there is a delay of roughly 2 h before a Yuma sounding is visible in forecasters' Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) terminals.