AWIPSAdvanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWIPSAutomated Weather Interactive Processing System
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Raytheon installed AWIPS II at more than 140 NWS offices located from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Fairbanks, Alaska.
Installation is a significant milestone in the AWIPS program," said Andre Tarro, Raytheon AWIPS program manager.
Through our AWIPS program with NOAA's National Weather Service and our Air Force weather programs, Raytheon's technologies have become the de facto industry standard for environmental intelligence processing.
It makes no sense to implement AWIPS 2 before the program is ready and then fire all the IT guys who are responsible for fixing the problems.
We expect that the AWIPS II software architecture will allow the National Weather Service to reduce information technology sustainment costs and allow greater interoperability and collaboration with neighboring forecast offices, emergency managers and inter-agency partners before, during and after disasters strike," said Don Berchoff, director of the NWS Office of Science and Technology.
The Raytheon AWIPS team earned certification in 2008 for the first time, becoming only the eighth organization in the U.
RSIS is responsible for all aspects of AWIPS Weather Forecast Office (WFO) software, from evolving it to address changing requirements to implementing the software within the AWIPS incremental release approach," said Rodney P.
A cornerstone of the modernized NWS, AWIPS is the computerized system that processes and overlays multiple data sources to allow more than 100 local weather forecast offices and river forecast centers across the United States to generate weather and water forecasts and warnings.
The AWIPS program serves as the cornerstone of the National Weather Service's modernization program.
AWIPS provides an extensible architecture to allow for highly available data communications, processing, and meteorological and hydrologic display capabilities in an integrated environment.
AWIPS continually evolves to accommodate new science and technology to meet National Weather Service, NOAA and Department of Commerce strategic goals.
Using HP platform technology, AWIPS integrates vast quantities of weather data from satellites, radar and high-resolution numerical weather-prediction models for interactive use and display in severe weather situations.