AWISAssociation for Women in Science
AWISAlexa Web Information Service
AWISAircraft Wireless Intercom System (US DoD)
AWISAssociation for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers (Israel)
AWISArmy WWMCCS Information System
AWISAirborne Wildfire Intelligence System
AWISAirborne Weapons Information System
AWISArmy Worldwide Information System
AWISAtlantic Wireless Systems (France)
AWISAirworthiness Impact Statement
AWISAutomated Warehouse Information System
AWISAirborne Wireless Intercommunication System
AWISAll Weather Identification Sensor
AWISAdvanced Wafer Inspection System (ADE Corporation)
AWISAdvance Warehouse and Inventory Solutions, LLC (Pennsylvania)
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First Capital - AWIS has provided property and casualty insurance products for its distribution network in California since 2006 and opted to select Argo Insurance for its program specialty focus and capability to expand marketing efforts to Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah for landscape and arborist contractors.
First Capital- AWIS was founded in 2006 to utilize extensive underwriting experience and high service standards to afford its producers with unique products in an ever-competitive marketplace.
This contract is for the maintenance of the system AWIS (Airport Weather Information System) installed on airports and the supply and installation of new facilities to complement existing equipment.
A new fundraising organization scheduled to succeed AWIS in Israel, which was to launch operations in January, is yet to be established.
The ministry announced that a new entity would be established to replace AWIS in May.
AWIS offers software and Web developers access to more than 100 terabytes of web site information and popularity data collected by Alexa's web crawl of 10 billion Web pages on 16 million sites.
Developers can use AWIS to answer difficult and interesting questions about the Web, and programmatically incorporate these answers directly into their applications.
Developers and Web site owners can use AWIS as a platform for finding answers to difficult and interesting problems on the Web, and incorporating them into their Web applications.
He is also a Fellow of four professional societies: the ACM, the IEEE, the AAAS, and AWIS.
ADE's state-of-the-art AWIS systems are fully automatic advanced laser scanning surface inspection tools that identify and classify particles and crystalline defects on polished silicon and epitaxial wafers.
The AWIS advanced surface inspection systems will be used to improve detection of process defects and to increase capacity for 200 and 300mm wafers that support finer device geometries.