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AWLAnimal Welfare League (Queensland, Australia)
AWLA Wonderful Life (gaming, Harvest Moon series)
AWLAnweisungsliste (German: Instruction List)
AWLAlliance for Workers Liberty
AWLAbsent Without Leave
AWLAlaska Wilderness League
AWLAssociation of Women Lawyers
AWLAtos Worldline (Belgium)
AWLAdvancing Women in Leadership Journal (online journal)
AWLAverage Word Length
AWLAutomated Welding (Netherlands)
AWLAirworthiness Limitation
AWLAdvanced Weapons Lab
AWLAll Weather Landing
AWLAbsence with Leave
AWLAway Without Leave
AWLAircraft Warning Lights
AWLAlbury Wodonga LAN
AWLAustralian Wrestling League
AWLAutomated Wire List
AWLAmerican War Lords (gaming clan)
AWLAirbag Warning Lamp
AWLAdministrative Weight Limitation
AWLAlways with Love
AWLArt Web League (France; online gaming)
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The two-group t -test for independent samples was used to compare values obtained before and after AWL in protocol No.
In February 2011, Great Hill Partners recapitalised AWL and financed its acquisition of InsuranceLeads.
To summarize, previous research has shown that high frequency lexical items, such as AWL words and formulaic expressions, are characteristic of academic texts across disciplines (Coxhead, 2011; Simpson-Vlach & Ellis, 2010), but that novice L1 writers and L2 writers may use such words and expressions at lower rates than more expert academic writers (Chen & Baker, 2010; Handoglu, 2009).
This copper awl, the earliest metal artifact found in the southern Levant, indicates that later metallurgy in the region developed from a more ancient tradition.
AWL is only one layer in the defense-in-depth strategy and is not a replacement for traditional security software such as antivirus and host firewalls.
How does performance of the AWL compare to that of the planned EPAA systems if threats maneuver to aid penetration of the defense?
Climbing to 300 feet AWL and heading directly for NAS North Island, the crew terminated remaining training and continued to troubleshoot the malfunction.
Awl, a writer, performer, and social media consultant, explains how to use Facebook for personal or business purposes.
Here we report the case of a 34-yearold female patient who inserted a beading awl through the urethra into the bladder during sexual intercourse and was treated with open surgery.
in Prairie Schooner, The Awl, Lambda Literary Review, Cold Mountain
LIVERPOOL fans welcomed back their club captain just hours after he was unanimously acquitted of acting unlawfully during a bar b r awl.
With hammer / and nails he holds me together, / such tools he carries, his pliers, his adze, / gives me his awl, his drill and bits.