AWLAAustralian Women's Land Army
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Now imagine a single program that combines those two objectives and advances the UN's goal of achieving "a more sustainable future for all." Established recently by the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), Dubai, it is called Arab Women Leaders in Agriculture (AWLA).
A select group of promising Arab women scientists from across the Mena region have become the first fellows of the Arab Women Leaders in Agriculture (Awla) programme.
Thus far, Awla has had several responses to his Facebook postings.
"Baladna Awla Beweladna" will create an online radio programme, mobile theater and cultural salon for spreading more awareness.
FOMWAG has also collaborated with WILDAF, AWLA, and many more.
Based on the above explaination, both commentators are using the rule of siyaq al-ayah, namely idkhal alkalam fi macani ma qablahu wa ma bacdahu awla min al-khuruj bihi canhuma illa bi dalil yajib taslim lahu.
Last week, Israeli soldiers took the farmers of the town of Beit Awla by surprise and handed them, in person, military orders related to the confiscation of their lands.
In my cafe no one is playing t awla. People are talking to each other.
They have planned a "day of rage" for Thursday which is said to include sit-ins at key intersections and attacks on neighboring Palestinian villages.In the southern West Bank, Israeli troops invaded the towns of Beit Awla, Yatta, and Hadab al-Fawwar and arrested five Palestinians: Ahmed Abdulhadi al-Adm, 34, Ahmed Abdulfatah al-Hor, 55, Yahya Isma'il Saleh, 22, Hafez Abdulhadi al-Kumi, 27, and Maher al-Kumi, 24.
First of all, circular motion is prior (awla bi al-tagaddum) and superior (awla bi al-sharaf) to rectilinear motion, because it alone is numerically one (wahid bi al-adad), well-balanced (mustawiyah), and most prior and most complete of the two simple motions (agdam wa atamm al-basitayn).
(70.) Both al-Hisni and al-Khatib al-Shirbini add that the testimony of two male witnesses or one male with two female witnesses is also valid and preferable (awla) in these eases.