AWMSGAll Wales Medicines Strategy Group (UK)
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The advice provided by the AWMSG, which is the medical board responsible for guidance on the use of new medicines by NHS Wales, means that consultants and GPs in Wales can prescribe insulin degludec to appropriate adults with diabetes.
The drug has been approved by the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) so should be available to those MS patients who meet the clinical criteria specified by AWMSG and who are likely to benefit from it.
Yvette told the Daily Post she is "overjoyed" by the decision, but they still face an anxious wait as despite the recommendation from AWMSG, the final decision lies with the Welsh Government's Health Minister Mark Drakeford.
Her family are obviously anxious to know she can continue to receive the medication and I hope that the AWMSG and Mark Drakeford will come to a positive decision.
Dr Jason Lester, consultant in clinical oncology at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff, said: "The AWMSG decision is welcome news as healthcare professionals in Wales will now be able to offer patients a treatment option that improves survival and prolongs time without disease progression compared to placebo.
Kate Morgan, the policy and public affairs manager of charity Myeloma UK, worked with the AWMSG, pharmaceutical company Celgene and myeloma doctors to help secure access to Imnovid in Wales.
The NHS in Wales is required to follow the recommendations of the AWMSG in all but exceptional circumstances.
A new treatment for this common form of skin damage, which can lead to skin cancer, has been recommended today by the AWMSG.
The Welsh Government said the AWMSG won't make any decision on the drug until September 3.
England has approved it, but in Wales, the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group AWMSG didn't endorse it because the company which developed this drug did not submit it for consideration when requested.
The AWMSG recommendation and ministerial approval overrules NICE, meaning Wales will be the only place in the UK where people will be able to access the treatment.
With last month's announcement on the capped cost of branded medicines, patients should now expect the Welsh Government, NHS Wales and AWMSG to respond positively to the opportunity the agreement provides.