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AWNAnimation World Network (online publishing group)
AWNAmateur Wrestling News
AWNAvant Window Navigator (French: Front Window Navigator; Linux)
AWNAdhoc Wireless Network
AWNAfghan Women's Network
AWNAlbanian Women Network (UK)
AWNAnd What Not
AWNAfrica Water Network
AWNAutomated Weather Network
AWNAruba Wireless Networks
AWNAetna Women’s Network
AWNAutonomous Waypoint Navigation
AWNAngle White Noise
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Chump change in the long run, especially considering some field-trial owners have spent tens of thousands of dollars getting to the bottom of their dog's grass awn ailment.
They are created with heat and with time, as all precious things are," Awn added.
Usually, an otoscope (to view inside the dog's nose or ear) and long, slender forceps are needed to follow a foxtail's distinctive tract and remove the awn.
Interaction of line x tester was highly significant for all the traits except spike density and awn length for which, it was non-significant.
The new PM is Awn Khasawneh, 61, who has been a judge at the International Court of Justice in The Hague since 2000.
Jordan's King Abdullah has sacked al-Bakhit and asked Awn Khaswaneh, an international jurist, to head a new government.
We will start with Pakistan, but if security is needed in other countries, we won't hesitate," The awn quoted the official, as saying.
Miron Properties announced the appointment of real estate brokers Rich Awn and Eyal Amir.
The project is the first to be carried out by a non-governmental institution in al-Imam Awn area (15 km north of Karbala)," Aamer al-Shook, the founder of al-Mabra Institution, which conducts the project, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Summary: World Links Arab Region (WLAR) signed on Monday the 20th of July a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Education in Yemen and Al Awn Foundation for Development regarding the joint two-year World Links Teachers' Professional Development (TPD) Program in Yemen for 2009-2011, to train 1200 teachers in the Capital Secretariat, Aden and Hadhramout.
There are certainly issues in some of the markets where we no longer have papers," says Everett Finkelstein, vice president of AWN and vice president of national sales at Phoenix Media/Communications Group.
The lots on sale included works by William Morris, the mid-19th Century designer AWN Pugin, Charles Voysey, William De Morgan and Henry Stacey Marks.