AWODA World of Difference
AWODAfrican Women of Distinction (now African Women of Empowerment)
AWODAlliance for West Oakland Development (Oakland, CA)
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Extended Viral Pretreatment Cirrhosis Follow-up, Recurrence Status AFP mo Neg N No 24 Yes Neg N No 60 No Neg E No 108 Yes Neg E No 72 No Neg N No 4 No Neg N No 48 Yes Neg N No 24 No Neg N No 1 No Viral Distant Patient Outcome Status Metastasis Neg No DOD Neg No Died of unrelated cause Neg Yes AWOD Neg No AWOD Neg No Died of unrelated cause Neg No AWD Neg No AWOD Neg No Died of unrelated cause Abbreviations: AFP, [alpha]-fetoprotein; AWD, alive with disease; AWOD, alive without disease; DOD, died of disease; E, elevated; N, normal; Neg, negative; W, white.
The first, and most outrageous, is something called AWOD (Alcohol Without Drinking), marketed in one form as "The Air Shot.
Source (Interval) Follow-up Soft tissue--type hemangiopericytoma Stout[3] 4 DOD Murashima[12] DOD, 3 wk Lnczyk[15] 3 (2, 4, 6 y) AWOD, 2 y Benveniste 1 (1 y) AWOD, 2.