AWODA World of Difference
AWODAfrican Women of Distinction (now African Women of Empowerment)
AWODAlliance for West Oakland Development (Oakland, CA)
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According to Beltran, Jalaidi was listed as the local drug group leader of Karanain-Hadji Sitti in the police database of drug personalities, while Awod is a newly identified drug personality.
'Jalaidi is listed as a local drug group leader based on our database on drug personalities, while Awod is a newly identified drug personality,' Nazarro said.
The first, and most outrageous, is something called AWOD (Alcohol Without Drinking), marketed in one form as "The Air Shot." The Air and Liquor Shooter advertises how to "...
Neg E in 2/8 cases Location Outcome LL DOD, 4 y (a) Porta hepatis Alive with metastasis at 3 y RL Not stated LL DOD, 44 mo RL Died of postoperative pancreatitis LL AWOD, 8 mo RL AWOD, 7 y LL AWOD, 7 mo RL AWOD, 16 mo RL AWOD, 2 mo Not stated AWOD, 11 mo Posterior medial AWOD, 2 y LL AWOD, 3 mo Segments 7 and 8 AWOD, duration not stated Segment 5 Not stated Inferior CBD AWOD, 5 mo LL AWOD, 6 mo LL AWOD, 54 mo (b) RL Not stated 1/11 local recurrence Not stated AWOD, 10 y Not stated DOD, 7.7 y Not stated AWOD, 8 y Not stated AWD, 4.7 y Not stated AWOD, 3 y RL DOD, 4.5 mo RL DOD, 21 mo RL AWOD, 15 mo Hepatic dome AWOD, 60 mo ...