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Men like myself would cheerfully give you Guam for a few sound films such as that of Awoi no Uye, which was shown for me in Washington.
Nevertheless, although Pound misunderstood the play, his use of Awoi no Uye to suggest jealousy and a balance to jealousy is consistent with his larger use of Noh drama in the Cantos.
First, earlier references to the play are brief and involve only the mention of Awoi's name as a sign of frustration while Canto CX contains a more substantial reference.
Like Suma Genji, Awoi no Uye also involves The Tale of Genji.
That love be the cause of hate, something is twisted, Awoi, bare trees walk on the sky-line but that one valley reach the four seas, mountain sunset inverted.
The barren natural imagery in the Awoi reference suggests the barren cultural landscape Pound references in his lines about restaurants and Bunting; by using a reference to a Noh drama that involves the exorcism of a jealous demon, however, Pound also relies on Japan as a means of restoring balance to this imbalanced situation.