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AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWOLA Work of Love (various organizations)
AWOLA Way of Life
AWOLAll Walks of Life
AWOLAmerican Way of Life
AWOLAbsent Without Official Leave
AWOLAlcohol Without Liquid
AWOLAway Without Leave
AWOLAustralian Way of Life
AWOLAbsence Without Official Leave
AWOLActing Workshop On-Line
AWOLAway Without Official Leave
AWOLAbsent Without Authorized Leave
AWOLAnother Way of Living
AWOLAbsent While On Line :-)
AWOLA World of Learning (educational program; various locations)
AWOLAt Work Oldies Listener
AWOLAutoWeek OnLine
AWOLArgumentative While On Lead
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SIGAR said: 'Trainees we spoke with indicated that recent AWOL cases had a negative impact on morale, and the negative publicity that resulted from these incidents was generally seen as bringing shame to Afghanistan.
The AWOL rate among Afghans is far higher than for other foreign national trainees.
Went AWOL in 2005 to resist Iraq deployment and has lived in Canada since.
The soldier also forfeited 59 days pay for having been AWOL for two months and he may now face a court-martial.
Swift already had served a year in Iraq and told Army investigators that she went AWOL to avoid sexual harassment she had experienced during her first overseas tour.
Spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, Col Nick Richardson, revealed the AWOL figures but denied soldiers wanted to avoid a return to Iraq.
At least a dozen states are mulling AWOL bans, so if you're waiting to inhale, it may be a long wait.
At least 17 states considered bills in the last year to prohibit AWOL machines.
After locating two "sisters" over the last nine moths that she was AWOL from Lab 33, Dawn confronts Peters.
In August last year, Spirit Partners announced that it has acquired the exclusive license to market the AWOL technology in the U.
AWOL machines allow consumers to inhale alcohol by converting liquid alcohol into a breathable mist that is then inhaled through a pipe.
Bush did serve as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard, but spent at least some of his term AWOL.