AWOSAutomated Weather Observation System
AWOSAir War Over Serbia
AWOSAutomated Weather Observing Station
AWOSAmazing World of Science (exhibition; Australia)
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Unique System FZE was tasked with purchasing, installing and commissioning the AWOS and ATIS according to international (ICAO) and UAE (GCAA) regulations.
I started a descent to 8,500 feet, deselected squelch, and turned up the volume again to clearly hear Truckee's AWOS.
The Army Air Corps supported the USSBS, and the USAF endorsed the GWAPS and AWOS but never published comprehensive postwar appraisals of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
Finally, the paper offers insights on the different levels and types of AWOS available and how an airport can effectively select the type of AWOS appropriate for its facility's safety needs.
Did you notice Sunlight Mountain AWOS on the low chart?
That works well for me, because the standard DA calculated by a typical E-6B and the AWOS and ASOS DA reporting systems use equations that don't factor in humidity.
In addition, Aviation Renewables has led the design for the provision of an automated weather observation system (AWOS), warning lights, windsocks, apron lights and precision approach path indicators (PAPIs)--which, except for the AWOS, are also solar-powered.
AWOS has been replaced at most commercial airports by ASOS since 1992.
The AWOS will be installed at Cayman Islands International Airport.
The BCI application software performs data acquisition from weather sensors on a one-minute cycle and sensor data is acquired from Automated Weather Observation Systems (AWOS), Non-federal AWOS, National Weather Service (NWS) Automated Surface Observing Systems (ASOS), Department of Defense (DoD) Automated Observing Systems (AOS), and Automated Weather Sensor System (AWSS).