AWOSAutomated Weather Observation System
AWOSAir War Over Serbia
AWOSAutomated Weather Observing Station
AWOSAmazing World of Science (exhibition; Australia)
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'The Awos is already installed and operational, which is why Subic is now ready to accommodate planes because its communications and night-time capability are fully functioning,' Eisma said.
Then Environment CS Judi Wakhungu said the installation of AWOS put Kenya at par with other destinations with international airports across the world.
The second stage involved a small empirical study involving semi-structured interviews with two sets of 'experts'--20 planning officials, and 20 animal activists who run or work in prominent AWOs, to survey dog-human relations, each in Visakhapatnam and Cochin.
Jersey Airport is replacing its legacy meteorological systems with a new Schneider 'MetConsole 3' fully integrated Internet Protocol-based AWOS and Airport Terminal Information System (ATIS) including the latest sensors from Biral Ltd and Adolf Thies GmbH.
If AWOS was at 126.450 MHz and the tower was 126.600 MHz, it would be a selectivity issue.
Unique System FZE was tasked with purchasing, installing and commissioning the AWOS and ATIS according to international (ICAO) and UAE (GCAA) regulations.
I started a descent to 8,500 feet, deselected squelch, and turned up the volume again to clearly hear Truckee's AWOS. Leveling off, I put Truckee UNICOM into the backup and then toggled to it.
A new Terminal Approach Radar Control (TRACON) facility and a new Automated Weather Observation Station (AWOS) have also been built.
As we reported for 1997, (7) and have confirmed repeatedly since, in this and other anticyclonic domains, all reddish ovals (LRSs) and some anticyclonic white ovals (AWOs) are methane-bright; some AWOs are not (at least, not at the resolution of amateur images).
The IT company's Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) is also being used by Belgocontrol for information critical to flight operations at Belgium's main airports.
Government is also expected to acquire an Air Traffic Management (ATM) system (an automated system interfaced with other communication components); an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) which will deliver real time information on pressure, wind speed, direction, temperature, due point, runway visual range and cloud base; and an Instrument Landing System/DME (ILS/DME) which will provide guidance for aircraft landing.