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AWPAAmerican Wood Preservers Association
AWPAAmerican Wire Producers Association
AWPAAustralian Women Pilots' Association (est. 1950)
AWPAAustralia West Papua Association Sydney (Spit Junction, New South Wales, Australia)
AWPAAir and Water Pollution Abatement (Scientific symposium)
AWPAAgricultural Workers Protection Act
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Leaching procedures were similar to AWPA E11-06 standard method [5].
A recent partnership with Edmonton's Women Building Futures organization has added to the range of services AWPA provides.
Use and interpretation of a composite assay for determination of a retention value for a charge of lumber has been a part of the AWPA standards since the 1960s and appears to have been adopted after its use for poles and piles in an effort to convert quality control standards to "result-type specifications" (AWPA 1957, Baechler 1960, Sherman 1961).
We welcome one of the key recommendations from the AWPA report, which is to develop a national coordinating body for driving industry workforce development.
formosanus Shiraki (Formosan subterranean termites) in a modified no-choice AWPA E1 test (AWPA 2012).
The use of global labour has important implications for work and employment in that they produce less secure internal labour markets (DiMaggio 2003; AWPA 2012).
Once product certification is achieved Eco Red Shield lumber products will meet industry standard Use Categories UC1 and UC2 as defined by the AWPA guidelines for usage of treated lumber.
Feeder stakes were driven into the ground in the spaces between the concrete blocks and the plywood was placed on the blocks and covered as per the AWPA E21-06 standard to minimize the risk of wetting (AWPA 2012a).
One post removed from the Georgia location was rated a "7," which the AWPA defines as having moderate to severe attack with 10 to 30% of the cross sectional area subject to decay.
Martin hopes to see 'Ask your Aunties' grow and evolve, however AWPA President Claire Clark said program funding runs out in April.
For reference, the loading specified in the AWPA standards for Formosan termite zones (AWPA 2012d) is 4.
Airservices Executive General Manager Government and Industry Affairs, Unni Menon, said the agreement recognised the essential role played by AWPA as part of a growing Australian aviation industry.