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AWPAAmerican Wood Preservers Association
AWPAAmerican Wire Producers Association
AWPAAustralian Women Pilots' Association (est. 1950)
AWPAAustralia West Papua Association Sydney (Spit Junction, New South Wales, Australia)
AWPAAir and Water Pollution Abatement (Scientific symposium)
AWPAAgricultural Workers Protection Act
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Clark said she is excited that AWPA will now be able to establish an office "as a place for women to find us and access our services.
This decking test method has since been accepted for standardization by the AWPA as AWPA E25-08 (AWPA 2008).
Were proud to support the work of the AWPA as they help women learn to fly and we look forward to watching these women make their flying dreams a reality.
The AWPA analyses evidence such as the labour market, education and training, migration and general economic and demographic data to make sure we get the balance right, Minister Cash said.
The use of global labour has important implications for work and employment in that they produce less secure internal labour markets (DiMaggio 2003; AWPA 2012).
Martin hopes to see 'Ask your Aunties' grow and evolve, however AWPA President Claire Clark said program funding runs out in April.
Some portions of sawdust were left as an untreated control sample following the method described in AWPA standards A19-93 (1996).
The AWPA report adds weight to what the NFF has long been saying that our sector as a whole needs more skilled workers, and that achieving this will require greater collaboration across the entire education and agricultural industries, Mr Linnegar said.
Details of the analysis methods are not available for this study, but based on other FPL research at that time, creosote retention likely was determined by toluene extraction and pentachlorophenol by lime ignition, in a manner similar to current AWPA methods A6-09 and A5-11, respectively (AWPA 2013b, 2013c).
Airservices Executive General Manager Government and Industry Affairs, Unni Menon, said the agreement recognised the essential role played by AWPA as part of a growing Australian aviation industry.