AWPIAmerican Wood Preservers Institute
AWPIAboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative (Canada)
AWPIAustralian Water Polo, Inc.
AWPIAmerican Water Purification, Inc.
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the AWPI, which represented the industry during the EPA's review of CCA and persuaded the agency not to require warnings on the wood
According to a 25 March 2001 article in The Gainesville Sun, Scott Ramminger, president of the AWPI, said that the cleanup was not necessary.
Recently, the AWPI proposed implementing new consumer awareness measures on CCA-treated wood including placement of individual tags with specific safe handling information on each piece of CCA-treated lumber before it is sold.
AWPI said the rule was not based on the "best available science" and the Clinton Administration issued it for "political reasons.
Because of the success of that program, AWPI recently announced its Projects of Distinction program to honor the design, workmanship, innovation and utility of preserved wood.
AWPI began its fight for continued use of CCA following a decision Minnesota made in the mid-1990s to ban several "listed metals," including lead, mercury, and hexavalent chromium.