AWQCAmbient Water Quality Criteria (environmental engineering)
AWQCAustralian Water Quality Centre
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EPA "[e]valuate the applicability of NEEAR Great Lakes data to inland water." Thus, a policy imperative exists to consider establishing IW AWQC, but the epidemiologic knowledge base for criteria development is very limited.
Workshop participants identified critical knowledge gaps and outlined research needs that could be met by December 2010 (the deadline for completing research that will be reviewed in the development of the 2012 criteria) or between 2010 and 2015 (for consideration in future AWQC).
2006, 2008), and this method may be endorsed in the new 2012 AWQC. Currently, qPCR and other rapid methods of measuring FIB are in various stages of development (Griffith et al.
AWQC developed to protect recreational water users are applied to other Clean Water Act (CWA) programs, such as the listing of impaired waters and discharge limits (under Section 303d of the CWA).
Participants brought entire FMU voids and home tap water samples to the AWQC. If the participant anticipated a delay of more than 4 hr before the sample could be delivered to the lab, he or she stored the sample in a cooler with ice or in a refrigerator.
We analyzed tap water samples for chloral hydrate (CH) using the AWQC standard test method TMS-003 (21), which is based on U.S.
We calculated TCA[] from the volumes of cold tap water and hot beverages consumed at the participants' homes, work, and other locations and the TCAA concentrations as measured in cold tap water at the participants' homes and at the AWQC. If participants consumed tap water or hot beverages at other locations, we specified the town or subdivision to match an approximate TCAA value for those locations where we did not take samples directly.