AWRAAmerican Water Resources Association
AWRAAsia Westbound Rate Agreement
AWRAAustralian Welding Research Association
AWRAArizona Water Resources Association
AWRAAustralian Water Research Advisory
AWRAAmerica Westbound Rate Agreement
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Founded in 1964 as a 501(c)(3) educational association with the purpose of providing a forum for communication among the numerous disciplines involved in water resources research and management, AWRA began with a 16-member board made up of directors representing all of the river basins throughout the United States.
Further, the research showed that AWRA was not unique in the difficulties it was experiencing with this governance structure.
First, as part of AWRA's overall strategic planning process, the association conducted a comprehensive membership survey to identify who the dues payers were, how they perceived AWRA, and what they wanted from the association.
His work cut out for him, he pre pared a document entitled "Blueprint for Change," which reviewed all of the various data collected (including the results of the SWOT analysis of board member perceptions), and proposed a governance change for AWRA.
Because of the organization's increased relevance, AWRA has experienced significant membership growth since 1997-not coincidentally, the year the governance change was decided.
what strategic position AWRA should play in the water resources community at large, what capacity should we build, what outcomes we desire, and what core values we want to drive us.
AWRA initially went from a 20-person board made up of 80 percent white males to a board of 10 directors, 50 percent of whom are women and 20 percent of whom are ethnic minorities.
AWRA is the premier non-governmental organization dedicated to the advancement of multidisciplinary water resources management and research.
He recently celebrated 19 years with AWRA, and says it's his caring colleagues who keep him engaged in and inspired by the association profession year after year.