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"AWRA consider this to be totally disproportionate as many wards of similar elector numbers have three councillors.
Mae hi'n cwympo mewn cariad yr eiliad mae hi'n profi ei awra am y tro cyntaf!" meddai Carys.
The festival program includes a section devoted to a selection of movies from Arab countries, a Jafar Panahi film screening, after which the children of the Iranian director will take part in a question-and-answer session, as well as the screening of Raj Kapoor's film "Awra" on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Indian cinema.
A DAY after Rishi Kapoor expressed keenness to remake his legendary father Raj Kapoor's Awra , GenNow scion of the clan Ranbir Kapoor declared he did not have the " auqt " ( calibre) to pursue such a task.
And while they discussed increasing women's involvement in mediation (given they proved more efficient at it than men), despair loomed over me as I recalled the saying that a woman's voice should not heard by men; Islamists deem it " awra " and say that it must be silenced.
Public and private sector corporations are keen to increase women's participation in the labour force given the looming (and in some areas current) labour shortages (for example, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia 2010; Australian Women in Resources Alliance AWRA 2012).
Eng, "High Density Polyethylene Application in Extreme Environments," in AWRA Spring Special Conference on Water Resources in Extreme Environments, Alaska, USA (2000).
"Turkish forces have entered the borders into Kurdistan Region and are stationed in Awra village of Barwary-Bara, east of the Zakhu township, 6 km away from the Turkish borders," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
When identifying the women's relation to Si Hmed, Leila's father, Belaid says "the daughters of Si Hmed" (116) and does not mention the wife, as that would be shameful or 'awra (that which is shameful in a woman's or man's body and hence needs to be covered, a concept which sometimes culturally extends to women's voices and names).
"[A]ccording to the four schools of thought in Islam the face is not awra [a body part that has to be covered]."
"Private to public: International lessons of water remunicipalization in Grenoble, France." Paper presented at the AWRA conference, University of Dundee, August.
In Proceedings of the AWRA Annual Spring Specialty Conference on Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling, ed.