AWRCAtelier Web Remote Commander (software)
AWRCAlabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
AWRCAustralian Water Resources Council
AWRCAfghan Women Resource Center
AWRCAlkaline Water Retention Capacity
AWRCAnimal Welfare and Research Committee
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Request for quotation (rfq) benchtop laboratory lactate and glucose analyser for the advanced wellbeing research centre (awrc).
(3) Through the journal In God's Image and other publications, through workshops and seminars, and through poetry and art, AWRC has provided an open space and platform for the flourishing of Asian women's theological expressions and their aspirations for a better world for all.
AWRC Showerman gave rescue updates and provided a medical evaluation of the French pilot once he was on board.
Four traits were evaluated on samples from three locations: Quadrumat mill flour yield and softness equivalent, according to Finney and Andrews (1986), flour protein content and alkaline water retention capacity (AWRC), following AACC Approved Methods 46-12 and 56-10, respectively (; verified 15 April 2005).
"The scale of the problem is probably far greater than people realise, and there is certainly a huge discrepancy between the number of vehicle side windows that are fitted and the number of reported vehicle break- ins,'' said the AWRC spokesman.
The University requires a mobile humanoid robot assistant for the Faculty of Health and Well-being (HWB) and our Advanced Well-being Research Centre (AWRC) currently under construction.
AWRC programmes are designed to improve access for Afghan women to security, education, employment and health care in order to empower women at the grassroots level.
Maximum care is required during installation because a badly installed tube will result in permanently biased neutron readings (AWRC 1974; Prebble et al.
Milling quality was based on flour yield (FLY) from a 25-g micro milling, whereas baking quality was assessed from flour protein concentration (P), alkaline water retention capacity (AWRC), and softness equivalence (SE), (Yamazaki and Donelson, 1972; Finney, 1992).
The university requires a co rebreathing analyser for the faculty of health and wellbeing (hwb) and our advanced wellbeing research centre (awrc) currently under construction.
In contrast to the alkaline water retention capacity method (AWRC; AACC 56-10), the 50 g [kg.sup.-1] sodium carbonate in the SRC method elevates the pH [is greater than] 11, above the p[K.sub.a] of starch hydroxyl groups.
Hope Antone, the current publications secretary of the Asian Women's Resource Centre, editing both AWRC's Womenet and In God's Image, echoes that the intended journal has to date continued to "focus on four areas: women's reality, struggle, vision and theology".(2) Through this journal women's voices have been expressed in poetry, stories, analytical essays, liturgies and visual art forms.