AWRCAtelier Web Remote Commander (software)
AWRCAlabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
AWRCAustralian Water Resources Council
AWRCAfghan Women Resource Center
AWRCAlkaline Water Retention Capacity
AWRCAnimal Welfare and Research Committee
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AWRC Showerman gave rescue updates and provided a medical evaluation of the French pilot once he was on board.
This faith community of women increased in number, and soon a much bigger community came into being with the formation of the AWRC in November 1987.
For aquatic ecosystem health (freshwater or marine), guidelines were developed by the ANZECC and AWRC to `.
1991), these form the basis for the limit in potable water (including potable groundwater) of 50 mg/L of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] recommended by the World Health Organisation (1996) and in Australia by the NHMRC and AWRC (1996).