AWRIAustralian Wine Research Institute
AWRIAnnis Water Resources Institute (Muskegon, MI)
AWRIAdditional War Risk Insurance (shipping)
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The bottle stains are different from the sediment crystals that form in older reds, notes AWRI biochemist Elizabeth J.
The AWRI and USW are evaluating a possible affiliation, which would join the two unions.
An even simpler option is the web-based tool offered by the AWRI that allows producers to measure and benchmark tannin and color in both grapes and wine.
Those who are interested in accessing data from this trial should contact AWRI Commercial Services at commercialservices@awri.
Earlier this week, Mercier reported that, after 18 months of testing, the AWRI results were excellent on all enological and organoleptic parameters, and the new Diamond closures obtained even better results than the screw cap (used as the "control") in terms of Free and Total SO2, and in terms of descriptors linked to wine reduction.
Long-time Australian cork critic and columnist Tim White, writing in The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker (March '04), cited Diamond's AWRI results as well as trials conducted in the U.
Research at the AWRI showed that the precursor compounds were unable to generate high enough levels of 1,8-cineole to reach sensory threshold concentrations.
The AWRI has opened a web-based application, "The AWRI Tannin Portal," which allows the user to enter absorbance readings from their spectrophotometer into the web interface and returns the results immediately.
The AWRI has its research agenda set, in a general way, through industry priorities; within those priorities, a lot of very basic science gets done without the requirement that every experiment pay off in an immediate production context.
don at the AWRI has illuminated the ways in which extracted tannins, especially the longer chains, can get trapped back into the skins, a kind of self-fining process.
Another interesting set of research findings is coming from work conducted by AWRI looking at Sauvignon Blanc.
The AWRI did some initial investigation of BiB packaging and oxygen exposure a few years back, and now it is launching a new round of investigations, but not much is out yet.