AWRTAmerican Women in Radio and Television
AWRTAny Way Round Tours (motorcycles; EU)
AWRTAdapta World Rally Team
AWRTAdvanced Weather Radar Techniques (Aviation Weather Research Program)
AWRTAnything Which Rounds To
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2~7, we find that ART and AWRT of the four methods have the same tendency when the arrival rate is the same.
For all the cases, to the value of ART of AFCFS, LJFS and Fair, ZOMT average reduces by 11.37%, 22.48% and 40.21%; to the value of AWRT of AFCFS, LJFS and Fair, ZOMT average reduces by 12.42%, 6.21% and 33.49%.
ZOMT has the lowest value in ART and AWRT because: (1) if the waiting time of a job is more than a certain value, it will be scheduled immediately; (2) ZOMT ensures most of resources can be used by the job.
We also find that the standard deviations of ART and AWRT have the same patterns with SDWT and SDWWT.
ZOMT always has the lowest value in ART, AWRT, AWT and AWWT.
We check the performance of our proposed ZOMT in AWT, AWWT, ART, AWRT, SDWT and SDWWT.
A previous examination of members of American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT) (Egan, 1992) suggests that women who see themselves as successful, or as becoming successful, are most likely to be constructivists.
The AWRT directory listed 1,368 members, with mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and in some cases FAX numbers.
The survey questionnaire was mailed, with a cover letter explaining the research goals, to the 1,368 AWRT members listed and considered to be a purposive sample.
To examine the influence of work situation, race, ethnicity, urban versus rural, and other factors on women's perceptions of the workplace and mentoring, within the three general epistemological categories, 42 personal in-depth interviews were conducted with women in management or upper management in broadcasting in Salt Lake City, New York City, and among members of AWRT who attended the 1996 national convention in Los Angeles.