AWRTAAlaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association
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A quality label, organizers say, would help visitors identify eco-friendly tour operators, can be used in media and advertising coverage of the state, and attaches a recognizable symbol and brand to the AWRTA philosophy.
Only a few weeks after the AWRTA announcement of its label idea, the concept of "nature tourism" again made the news after the release of a report by the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Institute of Social and Economic Research for the Alaska Conservation Foundation, "The Regional Economy of Southeast Alaska.
AWRTA is a member-led association that represents more than 300 nature-based tourism businesses, individuals and organizations throughout the state and advocates for the sustainability of Alaska's natural and cultural resources.
Not only does the group have a more vocal voice in Alaska's environmental concerns, but insurance becomes available to any business which can afford it, merely by being a member of AWRTA.
Miner concedes that an affiliate of any recognized group with a good reputation will receive credibility and respect, as do AWRTA members.