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AWSAmazon Web Services
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSAdvanced Warning System
AWSAutomatic Weather Station
AWSAdvanced Wireless Services
AWSAlien Workshop (skateboard company)
AWSAmerican Watercolor Society
AWSAmerican Wine Society
AWSAustria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH
AWSAutomatic Warning System
AWSAT&T Wireless Services
AWSAlternative Work Schedule
AWSAs We Speak
AWSAir Weather Service
AWSAlcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSArchimedes Wave Swing
AWSA Wilhelm Scream (band)
AWSAlternate Work Schedule
AWSAEGIS Weapon System
AWSAmerican Warmblood Society
AWSAnnual Wage Supplement (employee compensation)
AWSAsian Women's Shelter (San Francisco, CA)
AWSAkcja Wyborcza Solidarnosc (Election Action Solidarity, political party in Poland)
AWSApple Workgroup Server
AWSAlternative Workplace Strategies
AWSAircraft Warning Service
AWSAdvanced Wideband System
AWSAbyss Web Server
AWSAbrupt Wing Stall
AWSAbfallwirtschaftssystem (software)
AWSAlagille-Watson Syndrome
AWSAdministration Workstation
AWSAutomated Weather Source, Inc. (weather forecast provider)
AWSArea Weapon System (gun-cannon on attack helicopter)
AWSAnalyst Workstation
AWSAmplify Weak Sectors (CloneCD feature)
AWSAmerican Welding Standards
AWSAir Warning Service
AWSADSL Workstation (Hekimian)
AWSAtlanta Wind Symphony (Atlanta, GA)
AWSAuto Windscreens Shield
AWSAgency Walker Services (France)
AWSAvenue-Web Systèmes (French: Avenue-Web Systems; est. 1999)
AWSArbitrary Waveform Synthesizer
AWSAdvanced Wideband Satellite
AWSAmos W. Steinhacker (comic character; Netherlands)
AWSAmerican Weather Service
AWSAutomated Warehouse System
AWSAdvanced Wet Station
AWSAdvanced Water Systems, Inc
AWSAsian Women and Sport
AWSAirport Water Shuttle (Boston, Massachusetts)
AWSAircraft Weapon System
AWSAssociation of Women in Science
AWSAnti-Armor Weapon System
AWSAbsorb While Scan (radar absorbers)
AWSAlabama Writers Symposium
AWSAirlock Workstation
AWSAnello Web Services
AWSAgency Work Station
AWSAOL Weather Service (Aim Weatherbug)
AWSAdaptive Weighting Strategy
AWSAuthenticated Web Server
AWSAccess Window Slot
AWSAtlantic Wholesalers Ltd.
AWSAmphibious Warfare School/Strategy
AWSAbstract Wiener Space
AWSAgainst Wet Sawdust
AWSAmerican Walnut Satin (piano manufacturing)
AWSAbsolute Weight Strength (explosives)
AWSAutomated Warehousing System
AWSAvenger Weapons System
AWSAriise Web Search (Paris, France)
AWSAnti-Androgen Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSAgent's Workstation
AWSAnnapolis Wind Symphony
AWSAverage Weekly Sales
AWSAll-Weather Speaker (audio equipment)
AWSAdaptive Wireless System (computing)
AWSAlarm Will Sound (band)
AWSAlternative Water Supply (various locations)
AWSAscom Wireless Solutions (various locations)
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Apart from the reputation of reliability that AWS built, the company is also known for its affordable cost.
Thousands of customers in China have been using AWS in other Regions across the U.
AWS has also added support for CloudFormation to the AWS Management Console.
Due to its work in high value segments of the electronics market, AWS is well placed to expand.
Not reduce the regular rate of pay as a result of adoption, repeal or nullification of an AWS.
Along with about 3,500 participating schools worldwide, Peachland will join the WeatherNet program by reporting its weather findings first to the AWS Web site, then to the area's NBC affiliate, said AWS spokesman Gene Schutzman.
Operational Control - AWS OpsWorks promotes conventions and sane defaults, such as template security groups.
We designed Amazon GuardDuty to be so simple and cost effective that turning it on would be an easy choice for every AWS customer, regardless of their security expertise or the existing security services they use," added Schmidt.
CloudLens Public enables AWS customers to: Use any operating system, Windows or Linux; Help ensure performance of security and monitoring tools with automated, elastic scale; Optimize security and provide an enhanced level of insight; Achieving both AWS Networking Competency and Advanced Technology Partner Status in the APN is a tremendous achievement for Ixia and one of which we are justifiably proud, said Scott Register, Vice President of Product Management at Ixia.
net reported that AWS has chosen to host its Middle
In her keynote address at the first-ever AWS Summit, Ms Carlson said an important criteria in launching the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region is the opportunity to power it with renewable energy.
Many thousands of Korean customers have been using the AWS Cloud from other AWS Regions for several years.