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AWSAmazon Web Services
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSAdvanced Warning System
AWSAutomatic Weather Station
AWSAdvanced Wireless Services
AWSAlien Workshop (skateboard company)
AWSAmerican Watercolor Society
AWSAmerican Wine Society
AWSAustria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH
AWSAutomatic Warning System
AWSAT&T Wireless Services
AWSAlternative Work Schedule
AWSAs We Speak
AWSAir Weather Service
AWSAlcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSArchimedes Wave Swing
AWSA Wilhelm Scream (band)
AWSAlternate Work Schedule
AWSAEGIS Weapon System
AWSAmerican Warmblood Society
AWSAnnual Wage Supplement (employee compensation)
AWSAsian Women's Shelter (San Francisco, CA)
AWSAkcja Wyborcza Solidarnosc (Election Action Solidarity, political party in Poland)
AWSApple Workgroup Server
AWSAlternative Workplace Strategies
AWSAircraft Warning Service
AWSAdvanced Wideband System
AWSAbyss Web Server
AWSAbrupt Wing Stall
AWSAbfallwirtschaftssystem (software)
AWSAlagille-Watson Syndrome
AWSAdministration Workstation
AWSAutomated Weather Source, Inc. (weather forecast provider)
AWSArea Weapon System (gun-cannon on attack helicopter)
AWSAnalyst Workstation
AWSAmplify Weak Sectors (CloneCD feature)
AWSAmerican Welding Standards
AWSAir Warning Service
AWSADSL Workstation (Hekimian)
AWSAtlanta Wind Symphony (Atlanta, GA)
AWSAuto Windscreens Shield
AWSAgency Walker Services (France)
AWSAvenue-Web Systèmes (French: Avenue-Web Systems; est. 1999)
AWSArbitrary Waveform Synthesizer
AWSAdvanced Wideband Satellite
AWSAmos W. Steinhacker (comic character; Netherlands)
AWSAmerican Weather Service
AWSAutomated Warehouse System
AWSAdvanced Wet Station
AWSAdvanced Water Systems, Inc
AWSAsian Women and Sport
AWSAirport Water Shuttle (Boston, Massachusetts)
AWSAircraft Weapon System
AWSAssociation of Women in Science
AWSAnti-Armor Weapon System
AWSAbsorb While Scan (radar absorbers)
AWSAlabama Writers Symposium
AWSAirlock Workstation
AWSAnello Web Services
AWSAgency Work Station
AWSAOL Weather Service (Aim Weatherbug)
AWSAdaptive Weighting Strategy
AWSAuthenticated Web Server
AWSAccess Window Slot
AWSAtlantic Wholesalers Ltd.
AWSAmphibious Warfare School/Strategy
AWSAbstract Wiener Space
AWSAgainst Wet Sawdust
AWSAmerican Walnut Satin (piano manufacturing)
AWSAbsolute Weight Strength (explosives)
AWSAutomated Warehousing System
AWSAvenger Weapons System
AWSAriise Web Search (Paris, France)
AWSAnti-Androgen Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSAgent's Workstation
AWSAnnapolis Wind Symphony
AWSAverage Weekly Sales
AWSAll-Weather Speaker (audio equipment)
AWSAdaptive Wireless System (computing)
AWSAlarm Will Sound (band)
AWSAlternative Water Supply (various locations)
AWSAscom Wireless Solutions (various locations)
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By offering AWS Direct Connect across the global market, Equinix helps enterprise CIOs achieve this by seamlessly and securely incorporating AWS Cloud services into their existing architectures.
Providing an ideal solution to migrate on-premise systems to the AWS Cloud and for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Boomerang also automatically remodels replicated VMs to native Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for quick implementation.
Combining automation, managed services, and local expertise, Logicworks' clients in Europe will be able to accelerate their journey to AWS with confidence from a trusted, experienced partner.
The AWS Installer is made of a CloudFormation for launching Kubernetes on AWS, as well as kube-aws, a tool CoreOS developed to assist in automating your cluster deployment.
AWS Cloud eliminates the undifferentiated heavy lifting of IT for Chinese businesses
AWS chief executive Simon Grey said: "Alstom's decision to invest is an endorsement of what we have achieved so far and a major source of motivation to accelerate the commercial development of our technology.
CloudFormation takes care of provisioning, while taking into account any dependencies between resources, according to AWS.
AWS Group began its path towards achieving its current position as one of the UK's largest EMSs in December 2005 when Paul Deehan, supported by Jasper Corporate Finance LLP, led a buy-in team with the acquisition of AWS Electronics.
Conduct a secret repeal vote on petition of one-third of affected employees and then repeal the AWS if two-thirds of the employees vote to repeal;
Peachland is one of 20 Los Angeles County schools to win the $4,500 grant that will cover the cost of the AWS equipment necessary for tracking and transmitting weather data.
AWS OpsWorks is designed to eliminate these challenges by providing a flexible, automated, and end-to-end solution:
The AWS Test Drive provides a private IT sandbox environment that allows IT administrators with enough free AWS datacenter time to learn about and investigate popular third-party solutions.