AWSCAssociation of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (Appleton, WI)
AWSCAll-Way Stop-Controlled (traffic)
AWSCAtlanta Water Ski Club (Georgia)
AWSCAmerican West Steamboat Company (cruise line; now Majestic America)
AWSCAviation Warfighting Simulation Center (US Army; Fort Rucker, Alabama)
AWSCAqueous Water-Soluble Chelator
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AWSC sponsors the AWS, but for decades after AKC's 1945 recognition of the breed, members could not agree on a single classification for their dogs.
60-YEAR CONTROVERSY AWSC members debated the classification question passionately and almost constantly from 1945 until 2005.
As shown in Table 2, the highest correlations were between the AWSA or AWSC and the percentage of "both" responses to the question of which sex should perform an activity.
For children, the first factor included positive loadings for AWSC, percentage of "both" responses, ideal job, and grade, and a negative loading for F activities, indicating an association of less stereotyped or traditional responses with increasing grade level.
As pointed out above, AWSC long refused AKC classification as either a spaniel or a retriever, even though that refusal meant being temporarily barred from participation in AKC-sponsored field events.
AWSC is the AKC member club that sponsors the breed in this country.
We moved to Calibre for our new offerings to take advantage of its highly efficient commands and unique capabilities not available in other products, such as equation-based DRC, which makes it easier to implement complex design rules for RF applications, said Louis Lu, manager of product development engineering at AWSC.
AWSC s adoption of Calibre for advanced Gs ICs for RF applications is part of a growing worldwide trend to use the most advanced Calibre technologies for larger feature size applications.
Located in the Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park in South Taiwan, AWSC is one of the world's first foundry companies dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality GaAs devices.
Consequently, claimants are released from all their obligations to AWSC and the AABU member firms under the MFIFAs as of the date the present award is notified to the parties.
AWSC is located at Tainan Science-based Industrial Park in south Taiwan.