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AWSCPAAmerican Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants
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With an organizational focus on developing leaders, the AWSCPA offers an annual women's leadership conference.
The AWSCPA website promotes access to a "Career Navigation: Toolkit for Women" prepared by CPA Canada's Women's Leadership Council (https://www.
Another problem in New York during Palen's term as AWSCPA president was legislation that would have awarded CPA certificates to uncertified accountants who had been practicing public accounting for 15 or more years.
All of us at BDO are proud to be recognized by the ASWA and the AWSCPA with this honor," said Sandi Guy, Partner and National Director of Human Capital at BDO.
The AWSCPA is investigating strategic alliances with other professional groups to provide networking opportunities for members, especially in the financial services arena.
A 1993 survey by AWSCPA and the American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) shows the average female CPA is better off than her 1977 counterpart; she is better paid, better educated, and exposed to more career opportunities.
Schwartz's keynote address to the AWSCPA leadership conference last year.
This wrong perception is something AWSCPA is committed to changing.
Funding for the survey discussed in this article was provided by AWSCPA and the College of Business Research Grant Program, University of South Florida.