AWSEAfrican Women in Science and Engineering (Kenya)
AWSEArab World Search Engine
AWSEArmament Weapons Support Equipment
AWSEAssociation of Women in Science and Education
AWSEAssociation of Western State Engineers
AWSEAfrican Women in Science and Education (Nairobi, Kenya)
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The AWSE branch is responsible for all equipment that transports weapons through the carrier or land-based environment, presents them to the aircraft and loads them on to the aircraft, said David Page, AWSE branch head.
The AWSE engineering team set out to modify a current adapter to connect the GBU-49 with the Single Hoist Ordnance Loading System, the primary munition loading system of aircraft weapons stations afloat.
Then, too, why should AWSes have to do this extra work that other spaniel breeds don't have to do to earn AKC titles?"
Tenders are invited for Angarh ward me shiv inter college ke bagle wali gali me awses c.c ka karye.
Parker has been active in the AWS breed for nine years and has bred AWSes for six years.
Tenders are invited for Palpur me muslim basti me jila panchayat dwara inter locking se aage awses bhaag me inter locking
Tenders are invited for Kevadiya damar road se dharmangadpur gaon tak lepan karya ka awses bhag ka interlocking kary.
Tenders are invited for Gram sabha nanamau mai damur road sai shamsaan ghat tak lapen ka awses karya 0.230 km to 0.430 km
Tenders are invited for Construction of nala in village solde mai awses nala nirman.
Tenders are invited for Kanpur Road Yojna Key Sector M Mey Nageswar Mandir Key Bagal Sey Pichey Ki Or Bhawan No 867 Sey 1110 Thak Awses Road Adn U Drain Sudranikaran Ka Karya
Tenders are invited for Indra Gandhi Pratisthan Key Vibhin Chamta Key Aditorium Key Awses Isthalo Per Carpet Bichane Ka Karya
Tenders are invited for Lot 5 Janpad Ballia Me Nagara Sikandarpur Marg Per Isthit Awses Pokhare Ka Sundarikarn Avam Isthniy Paryatan Vikas