AWSJAmbrose Women for Social Justice (St. Ambrose University; Davenport, IA)
AWSJAbrasive Water Suspension Jet
AWSJAsian Wall Street Journal
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The AWSJ said: "The Obama administration over the past year has been touting its intention to tilt Washington's strategic focus from the Middle East and toward Asia, due to the region's economic growth and China's increasing power.
Addressing the protesting rally, Maulana Aurganzeb Farooqi, the chief of AWSJ, condemned Saeed's murder and ongoing killings of their activists.
The prayers were led by Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi, the central leader of AWSJ and attended by senior police officers and a large number of the activists of the Jamat.
According to the AWSJ the reason for this is that the coupons are a bargain and carriers and agents are unwilling to promote them when they can sell normal price fares.
Foreign carriers believed to be involved in the venture include Northwest Airlines and United Airlines from the USA and the nine Asia-Pacific carriers that are already partners in a joint web site previously announced in June, according to AWSJ.
SA Group was apparently already in talks with the regional carrier prior to the government's announcement according to AWSJ.
A decision is expected by the end of April and the carrier is apparently waiting on word about whether production of the 777x models will go ahead according to AWSJ.
The new tax is apparently also likely to slow growth in the aviation market, with three preliminary leasing deals having already been held up because of the tax according to AWSJ.
Most Asian carriers are apparently still working on their Y2K preparations according to the AWSJ.