AWSMAssociation for Women in Sports Media (Harrisburg, PA)
AWSMArctic Warfare Super Magnum (sniper rifle)
AWSMAcoustic Warfare Support Measure
AWSMAge of Wonders Shadow Magic (computer game)
AWSMAotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (New Zealand anarchist organisation)
AWSMAuthentic Wines and Spirits Merchants (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
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Metcalfe, of Lane Head Farm, Hutton Magna, in Teesdale, was fined a total of PS1,000 and AWSM - of which he is a sole director - was fined PS20,000.
AWSM also said the league's training program has worked well to "share its message" of a professional atmosphere for all women in sports media.
"It's difficult to stomach, and yet, considering the percentage of women that the study determined are in sports departments, the poor grade is absolutely justified," AWSM President Jenni Carlson said in a statement.
Participants were recruited through the Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM).
The fact that women have come of age in these traditionally male industries isn't so much seen in the fact that an organization such as AWSM exists, but rather that locker room access (and the attitudes and behavior of the athletes) is no longer the dominant subject at AWSM gatherings.
226(x2) 216 215 214 212 210(x2) 209(x2) AWSM Farms.
Other leading prices per head: PS103.50, PS95.50, PS77.50 AWSM Farms (Cont/Mule) PS97.50 J & JM & DI Buck (Cont) PS91.50 (x2) J & B Stanwix (Mule) PS89.50 L Brown (Mule) Swaledale ewes sold to PS50.50 from J & JM & DI Buck RAMS Top price was PS125.50 for a Continental from L Brown, Westholme
Closely followed by a Texel lamb at 196p from ER Thompson, High Corn Park, Baldersdale and 195p for a pen of 10 continental lambs from AWSM Farms, Dalton Fields, Newsham.