AWSMAssociation for Women in Sports Media (Harrisburg, PA)
AWSMArctic Warfare Super Magnum (sniper rifle)
AWSMAcoustic Warfare Support Measure
AWSMAge of Wonders Shadow Magic (computer game)
AWSMAotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (New Zealand anarchist organisation)
AWSMAuthentic Wines and Spirits Merchants (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
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Metcalfe, of Lane Head Farm, Hutton Magna, in Teesdale, was fined a total of PS1,000 and AWSM - of which he is a sole director - was fined PS20,000.
The case against AWSM Recycling Ltd, of Lane Head Farm, Hutton Magna, west of Darlington and its sole director Adam Metcalfe, 37, of the same address, involves a number of breaches of environmental law over a significant period of time between July 2011 and October 2015.
The Sainz controversy, AWSM said, was a "teaching moment" that is beneficial for female reporters.
After the convention, members of AWSM and the newly recruited participants helped us find other qualified women who were willing to participate (Ritchie, Lewis, & Elam, 2003).
No one could really explain this feeling until the former football great, Ronnie Lott, addressed the issue at the first AWSM convention.
5p AWSM Farms (cont) 180p, 179p RW&H Atkinson (cont) 179.
Although the Company believes that this demonstration represents a major step forward, there is no assurance as to whether or when the Company will proceed with a live emulation of the AWSM system and no public or private funding has yet been identified for any U.
Cotton, said that AWSM could improve upon the FAA's current wake mitigation plan by providing a comprehensive solution to the problem of additional wake spacing of aircraft during takeoffs and landings at major airports.
The current schedule calls for initial AWSM emulation demos commencing in December, 2006.
Entellium's growth has been fueled by midsize companies and divisions of larger enterprises like Allied Home Mortgage, AWSM Technology, gDiapers, Junxion, Milestone Group, MobileLime, ScreenPlay, DSL Computer, Virtual Finance Organization, and many, many more.