AWSPAssociation of Washington School Principals (Olympia, WA)
AWSPAuthorized Warranty Service Provider (various companies)
AWSPAdvanced Web Site Publishing (Houston, Texas)
AWSPAlexa Web Search Platform (Internet traffic research)
AWSPAmazon Web Services Platform (Seattle, WA)
AWSPAny World Safe Port
AWSPApache Web Services Project (Apache Software Foundation)
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Dismantling the damaged existing NB 300mm, NB 450mm pipes, reducer and bends of SWBP, AWSP, PHE & Fabrication of new and erection in Unit III during annual overhaul period 2016-17.
Tenders are invited for NCTPS I SE MI circle TM Dn Dismantling the damaged existing NB 300mm NB 450mm pipes reducer and bends of SWBP AWSP & PHE and fabrication of new & erection etc in Unit I & II during capital overhaul 2016 17