AWSSAgency-Wide Shared Services (US IRS)
AWSSAuxiliary Water Supply System
AWSSAutomated Weather Sensors System (US FAA)
AWSSArea Weapons Scoring System (US Army)
AWSSAcquisition Workforce Support Specialist
AWSSAirborne Weapon Surveillance System (US Army)
AWSSAlberta Wage and Salary Survey (Alberta, Canada)
AWSSAlcohol Withdrawal Severity Scale
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We have a great deal of confidence in the management of AWSS and their ability to become a real competitor in both the Internet and VOIP industry.
As a service provider, we know the importance of standards and interoperability," said Haruhisa Ichikawa, executive director at NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, "and Kinzan's AWSS allows us to integrate business processes with partners using globally accepted standards that have been proven to be reliable and interoperable.
is also pleased to announce that the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Sonoma County, California have dismissed the complaint against AWSS and all of the other parties.
We are excited to have attracted a company with the technology of Heritage to bring to our 5,000 shareholders," said AWSS Chairman and CEO, Stanley F.
Tenders are invited for Providing, drawing and commissioning of HT power line from 33/11 KV MUSS Koppara village to jack well near Gagal village and from tapping point near Thappargunda maszid to WTP at Shambulingana gudda under AWSS to Deodurga town.
Khan, NCI/Alaf Din, Rawal, Katas, Mankiala, Cap: AWSS
99 KM Distribution mains of 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm dia DI Pipes class K-7 duly inspected, & all allied civil works under Rajim AWSS
Thursday 26 & Tuesday 31 March From 0800 to 1600 Hours, Cap AWSS Feeder, Sohawa Town & surroundings.
50 LL Capacity RCC circular Sump with 10 x6 M size Pure water Pump house at WTP and Providing and laying of 250mm and 200mm dia K9 class DI Feeder Mains from WTP pure water sump to different Service reservoirs in Deodurga town under AWSS to Deodurga town
Tenders are invited for Supply, Erection, Electrification and Commissioning Of 2 Nos 375 HP / Suitable HP DWT Pump Set & Allied Accessories In Jackwell Near Gagal Village and Supply, Erection, Electrification and Commissioning of 2 Nos of 55 /Suitable HP Centrifugal Pump Sets at WTP Pump House at Deodurga Town under AWSS to Deodurga Town
Tenders are invited for Design, Drawing,Construction & Testing of RCC Intake Well cum pump house of 6m dia & 15m depth at up stream of Anicut on River Mahanadi Under Lawan AWSS.