AWSSAlcohol Withdrawal Severity Scale
AWSSAdvanced Weighting Suspension System
AWSSAliens with Special Status (Massachusetts)
AWSSAlberta Wage and Salary Survey (Alberta, Canada)
AWSSAgency-Wide Shared Services (US IRS)
AWSSAuxiliary Water Supply System
AWSSAutomated Weather Sensors System (US FAA)
AWSSArea Weapons Scoring System (US Army)
AWSSAcquisition Workforce Support Specialist
AWSSAirborne Weapon Surveillance System (US Army)
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To date, according to the National Center for Atmospheric Research Earth Observing Laboratory, 967 ASOS, 1046 AWOS and 10 AWSS stations have been installed in the U.
The AWSS was developed from interviews with 47 African American women, ages 23 to 40, most of whom (77%) were of lower middle or middle socioeconomic class.
As a service provider, we know the importance of standards and interoperability," said Haruhisa Ichikawa, executive director at NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, "and Kinzan's AWSS allows us to integrate business processes with partners using globally accepted standards that have been proven to be reliable and interoperable.
Khan, NCI/Alaf Din, Rawal, Katas, Mankiala, Cap: AWSS
Tenders are invited for Internal electrification to Jack well, sub station at Gagal head work and pure water pump house at WTP in Deodurga under AWSS to Deodurga town
Thursday 26 & Tuesday 31 March From 0800 to 1600 Hours, Cap AWSS Feeder, Sohawa Town & surroundings.
Tenders are invited for Providing & laying of 350 mm & 200 mm dia DI pipe line from Abumohalla, Bapujioni and Gourampet OHT~s to existing distribution line in Deodurga under AWSS to Deodurga town
Tenders are invited for Providing chain linked fencing for new head works near Ambugalale - Horabylu village, construction of compound wall to WTP near Vanshree school and 2 nos of over head tanks under AWSS to Sagar city.
Tenders are invited for Tender for the work of Railway Crossing by Trenchless method (Km 133/500-600) for providing water supply scheme to Channarayapatna town, under AWSS.
54 mld capacity Water treatment plant related to pure water Pumping station in zone -1 of Sagar city under AWSS to Sagar city
50 CY exploratory potholes, 35 CY controlled density fill bedding material for water main and AWSS facilities within the sewer trench prior to backfill.
20 MLD water treatment plant at Nadgouda park in Bagalkot city including 3 Months trail run and maintenance of plant for 12 months after successful commissioning of plant under AWSS to Bagalkot city.