AWSSAlcohol Withdrawal Severity Scale
AWSSAdvanced Weighting Suspension System
AWSSAliens with Special Status (Massachusetts)
AWSSAlberta Wage and Salary Survey (Alberta, Canada)
AWSSAgency-Wide Shared Services (US IRS)
AWSSAuxiliary Water Supply System
AWSSAutomated Weather Sensors System (US FAA)
AWSSArea Weapons Scoring System (US Army)
AWSSAcquisition Workforce Support Specialist
AWSSAirborne Weapon Surveillance System (US Army)
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Founded in 2013, HydrEra is best known as a global pacesetter in large volume AWSS storage and has quickly grown into a premier provider of onsite/offsite pre-frac and de-watering services.
In the discourse on AWSs, critical functions are related to the weapon itself, and mostly are described as those that require human control in their execution, owing to their importance for targeting (i.e., their causal relationship to kinetic effects, and thus to potential death and destruction).
Many studies have been conducted to overcome these limitations of AWSs. Straka et al.
Data obtained by automatic weather stations (AWSs) and automated synoptic observing systems (ASOSs), which are operated by the Korea Meteorological Administration, were used as public meteorological data.
AWSS feeders, Sohawa, Nagial; on 31 August at 09:00am to 02:00pm From H-11 Grid Flour Mill feeder, Flour Mill, Industrial area and surrounding areas.
According to an IESCO spokesman, the power supply of following feeders/grid stations would remain suspended on Monday as under: From 9 am to 2 pm: Bagh Sardaran, Said Pur Road, New Malpur, RawalpindiIII feeders; From 8 am to 12 noon: Katchery, Jada Ajmal Shaheed, Gul Afshan, Zubair Shaheed, Civil Line, Akram Shaheed, Ashraf Shaheed, Puran, Kala Base, Hamlet, Gaddari,Bagwal, Sanghoi, Nathwala, Safdar S, Bewal, Capp: AWSS, Samote, Kountrilla, Chappar Sharif, Main Bazar, Karyala, Behkri, Maingen, Kallar Kahar, Dhoda, Raman, Daultala, Malikwal, Dhok Pathan, Daroot, Dhurnal, Kot Choudrian, Rawal, Maj.
101 of them were Labour, 35 elected from AWSs, and a further 51 were elected from AWSs in 2005 and 2010, including Birmingham Ladywood's Shabana Mahmood.
The current chapter explained different E-metrics that are used in evaluating the AWSs performance.
(For the sake of minimizing annoying acronyms, we'll ignore the newest Automated Weather Sensors Systems, AWSS, which is just AWOS with improved sensor technology.) As a general rule, most AWOS units are installed at airports that never benefitted from human weather observers and are typically funded through non-federal sources such as state and municipal resources.
The American Water Spaniel Club spent several decades debating whether to request spaniel or retriever classification, since AWSs are equally talented in both areas.