AWTPAdvanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (various locations)
AWTPArea Wide Transportation Plan (Juneau, AK)
AWTPAutomated Weapon Target Planning
AWTPAsh Water Treatment Plant
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Over a period of nine months, AWTP trainees will be supported to achieve a recognised qualification in Health and Social Care while working in placements in local services.
The interaction between personal values and CSR dimensions was investigated and then related to the observed AWTR The results showed the influence of the different consumers' traits on AWTP and could be used to characterize consumers.
Additional debt is expected to be issued every few years to maintain ongoing CIP funding but at lower levels than what was issued to fund the AWTP. As a result, debt/FADS (based on management's forecast) should continue to improve, albeit gradually.
In Dhahran now, 100% of wastewater is treated to a tertiary level and is suitable for irrigation; the effluent pumped out of the NSTP and treated at the secondary level is pumped to the AWTP and treated at the tertiary level.
For example, if we focus on those in group B and assume that the WTP for a bagel is distributed uniformly over the range $0-$0.50, we get (8): AWTP (N & L) = E(WTP | WTP < $0.05) = $0.025; AWTP (N & H) = E(WTP | WTP < $0.30) = $0.15; AWTP (P & L) = E (WTP | WTP > $0.05) = $0.275; and AWTP (P & H) = E(WTP | WTP > $0.30) = $0.40.