AWTSAtlantic Wind Test Site (est. 1980; Canada; alternative energy)
AWTSAdvanced Wastewater Treatment System (ships)
AWTSAnnual Wholesale Trade Survey (census)
AWTSAerobic Wastewater Treatment System
AWTSAnother Way Texas Shares (New Braunfels, TX)
AWTSArmy-Wide Training Support
AWTSAutomatic Wire Test Set (Navy and Air Force electrical cable harnesses validation test)
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* Attack Weapons Teams (AWT) (2x AH-64s) are executing geographically dispersed operations and with a command-and-support relationship separate from its company headquarters.
For this study of 1,644 women enrolled in the Dallas Heart Study the researchers addressed whether the mechanism could be subclinical atherosclerosis by using coronary artery calcium (CAC) scores measured with CT imaging and aortic wall thickness (AWT) measured with magnetic resonance imaging.
We thus consider that two patients have received "equivalent" care if their AWTs are the same.
A slow shift to AWTS began in the early 2000s after testing in Alaska demonstrated that MSDs failed to meet operational specifications: 79 of 80 samples from cruise ships were seriously out of compliance and posed an environmental risk (see Klein, 2002).
To the list of odd but arresting pop-culture phenomena like Girls Gone Wild and animals that attack, we now can add Athletes Who Tweet (AWT).
Experts at AWT, over a period of years, have studied the natural path of the water, the turbulent rolling of the water through the hills and streams.
* Fire support from AWTs (close air support) for tactical convoys in contact with the enemy.
The AWTS modules can also include a range of sensor packages to ensure the purity of the treated water.
Abstract: Besides 3G, a number of alternative wireless technologies (AWTs) have emerged.
The AWTS Vasari is a laptop-based flat screen PC swathed in timber - not a feature on most people's wish list, granted, but big in oak-panelled boardrooms, blue chip company receptions and plush hotel lobbies.
107 108 Revised ASM data for 2014; new ASM data for 2015; revised AWTS data on inventory book values for 2013 and 2014; new AWTS data for 2015; revised ARTS data on inventory book values for 2013 and 2014; new ARTS data for 2015; revised SOI data for 2014; new SOI data for 2015; revised Census Bureau monthly inventory data for 2016.
These large numbers of CAS missions and air weapons teams (AWTs) have been a great asset on the battlefield: however, it has now created an over reliance and demand for CAS and AWT that will most likely not be fulfilled in future conflicts.