AWWTAverage Weekly Working Time (healthcare; UK)
AWWTAmerican and WorldWide Travel (UK)
AWWTA World Without Thieves (movie)
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ZOMT always has the lowest value in ART, AWRT, AWT and AWWT. So, even though there are some VMs that need to be migrated in the scheduling, ZOMT also has the best performance in those four parameters.
We check the performance of our proposed ZOMT in AWT, AWWT, ART, AWRT, SDWT and SDWWT.
, [job.sub.N]} [Pl.sub.emp] The parallelism of [job.sub.temp] [wt.sub.temp] The waiting time of [job.sub.temp] q The percent of jobs that belong to SPJ [l.sub.-q] The percent of jobs that belong to LPJ [lambda] Mean arrival rate of jobs 1/[lambda] Mean inter-arrival rate of jobs Totaltime The time from the first job coming to the last job be finished ART Average response time AWRT Average weighted response time AWT Average waiting time AWWT Average weighted waiting time SDWT Standard deviation of waiting time SDWWT Standard deviation of weighted waiting time Table 3.