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While its subjects may not be quite as "awww"-inspiring as the baby elephants and orangutans of 2011's "Born to Be Wild" (also narrated by Morgan Freeman), this family-friendly educational crowdpleaser should score similarly impressive numbers.
As well as singing his single, Go Gentle, written for his baby daughter (awww), Rob is joined by Lily Allen, Kermit and Miss Piggy.
Kim Kardashian soon got involved retweeting her sister Khloe: "Awww, so cute!".
(1) The declaration is available at > Search = 316000 sells a simple, chrome wired one at only pounds 14.99.
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Bydd gweddarlledu byw hefyd ar gael o holl gyffro'r llwyfan ar wefan S4C, yn ogystal
Because FileMaker Pro is one of the most popular databases for small businesses, FileMaker also announced the FileMaker Business Productivity Kit as part of the FileMaker Pro 8, trial download available now from,oni/bpkpr.
This lovely pooch owned by a Filipino-American man will certainly leave you murmuring 'Awww.'
SNOW CHICK: A PENGUIN'S TALE (BBC1, Wednesday, 8.30pm) THIS nature documentary not only has drama and some amazing shots of life in the wild, but it has the "awww" factor too.
Michael Harkin " had an idea, adding: "Be good if the SFA could arrange a cuppa or a meet and greet with the team andGordon Strachan" Lesley Greenaway wrote: "This is a story to make you say awww.Good on Gordon for getting there and hopefully we can get him a result."
He thanked his wife Hilary, raising an "awww" from the crowd.