AX2Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
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The Swedish headsets developer and manufacturer Nextlink AB said on Tuesday (14 March) that it had received an order for 40,000 units of its Bluespoon AX2 headset from US distributor Innovation One Inc.
2 million classes 3-A1, 3-A2, 3-A3, 4-A1, 4-A2, AP2, AX2 and R (senior certificates) 'AAA'.
He was responsible for the NextLink Ax and AX2 products as well as the newly launched BluePearls.
7 million classes 1-A1 through 1-A5, 2-A1 through 2-A6, 3-A1 through 3-A9, 4-A1 through 4-A17, 5-A1 through 5-A4, AP, AX1, AX2 and R 'AAA';