AX3Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
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The winning bidder for the two Arrows AX3 three seater cars was Klaas Zwart, who is building a hotel in Spain dedicated to motorsport.
3 million classes 9-A1 through 9-A3, 10-A1 through 10-A5, 11-A1 through 11-A3, 12-A1, 12A2, 12-A3 (144A), 12-A4, 12-A5, 12-A6 (144A), 12-A7 (144A), 12-A8 (144A), AP3, AX3 and R 'AAA'.
IN THE HOT SEAT: Arrows owner Tom Walkinshaw unveiled the team's new; passenger car, the AX3, at the Autosport Show in Birmingham yesterday.