AXCAxess Code (French band)
AXCAortic Cross-Clamping (vascular surgery)
AXCChief Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician (Naval Rating)
AXCAdd Cross-Connect Card
AXCArchitecture X Construction (French architecture firm)
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Initial planning for the giant coolers began in late 2012, said Mike Thomas of Eads & Associates, the Houston-based sales firm representing Harsco AXC in the project.
AXC Model Z--a bolt-together horizontal cooler designed for high-horsepower, high-volume applications--was the ideal choice, Thomas added.
To achieve the needed cooling, gas will flow from the compressor through a six-row assembly of 64-feet-long finned cooling tubes in the Harsco AXC unit.
With over 315,000 square feet-of dedicated manufacturing space, Harsco AXC had plenty of room to build the giant coolers.
Basically, it means no leaks--period--with strict weld-inspection to guarantee it," explained Harsco AXC Manufacturing Engineer Allen S.
Because it will reduce the time it takes to turn up service, the Lucent AXC can also help operators improve customer satisfaction, attract new subscribers and accelerate new service rollouts.
The Lucent AXC will incorporate micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology developed by Simpler Networks for its central office platform, and enhanced through a co-development effort between the two companies that leverages the considerable expertise of Bell Labs, a pioneer in MEMS and nanotechnology research and development.
The Lucent AXC extends technological innovation and well-defined product differentiation in the area of reducing the operator capital costs historically associated with upgrading street cabinets for the introduction of new broadband access technologies and services," said Ron Westfall, Principal Analyst, Broadband Infrastructure, Current Analysis.
The section was the 75,000th AXC section certified as meeting the internationally recognized standards of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC).
We received our first ASME Certificate of Authorization in 1957 and our first ASME-certified unit shipped in 1958," said AXC Vice President and General Manager Eric Clower.
AXC and PSI are the results of several years of development effort in partnership with Imperial College London and some of our key clients.
Under the contracts with Shanxi Mobile and Inner Mongolia Mobile, Ericsson will provide its AXI 520 Backbone Routers (based on Juniper Networks M40(TM)) and internally developed AXC 623 and 470 Access Servers as well as comprehensive services, including deployment, support and training.