AXFAscii Exchange Format
AXFAbout Extremely Fine (currency collecting)
AXFAfrican Xylophone Festival (New York; 2005-06)
AXFAsian Xiangqi Federation (board game group; est. 1978)
AXFArchive Exchange Format (computing)
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AXF's CP rating reflects an explicit guarantee of the CP program by AXA S.A.
"AxF is quickly becoming the common language for communicating appearance characteristics such as color, texture, gloss, transparency and opacity of physical materials in the virtual world," said Francis Lamy, chief technology officer for X-Rite and its subsidiary, Pantone.
AxF is set up as a vendor-neutral format, with which designers can create realistic 3D model renderings and run them through an array of virtual scenarios.
From (14), we see that conditional on a policy ([R.sup.b], [R.sup.m], [mu]), two stationary equilibria are possible, one of which is degenerate (d = 0) and the other of which satisfies 1 = Axf'(y - [d.sup.*]) with 0 < [d.sup.*] < [infinity] (point A in Figure 1).
AXF's holding company ratings are unaffected by today's rating action.
The custom-style paint jobs of the AXF and AXP lines are phenomenal.
DIVArchive v7.0 is also the first system of its kind to implement the new open Archive eXchange Format (AXF) technology developed by Front Porch Digital to protect, preserve and facilitate the exchange of content among storage systems.
The new AXF Explorer offers an intuitive interface for parsing Archive eXchange Format (AXF) objects, with straightforward operations that are performed using drag-and-drop procedures just like in the WindowsA operating system.
In the digital file format, we rely on LTFS and other formats such as Archive eXchange Format (AXF) that will be standardised to help access that data using a future tape interface to the physical tape device.