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AXIOMAdvanced Express Input Output Module
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It is an algebraic axiom, which makes us proceed from a known to an unknown quantity, and not from an unknown to a known; but sit down, sir, I beg of you."
"I have been nearly mad; and you know the axiom, -- non bis in idem.
A day will come, and perhaps quickly, wherein you will have occasion to remember that axiom: --
Besides, we are safe for to-day; you know the axiom, `Non bis in idem.'"
It was gravely said by some of the prelates in the Council of Trent, where the doctrine of the Schoolmen bare great sway, that the Schoolmen were like astronomers, which did feign eccentrics and epicycles, and such engines of orbs, to save the phenomena; though they knew there were no such things; and in like manner, that the Schoolmen had framed a number of subtle and intricate axioms, and theorems, to save the practice of the church.
There are two rules of construction, dictated by plain reason, as well as founded on legal axioms. The one is, that every part of the expression ought, if possible, to be allowed some meaning, and be made to conspire to some common end.
Archer, who was fond of coining her social philosophy into axioms, had once said: "We all have our pet common people--" and though the phrase was a daring one, its truth was secretly admitted in many an exclusive bosom.
Known as the region's largest retailer and distributor, Axiom has more than 5,000 points of sale and 2,000 employees across the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
This completion of Axiom's new facility confirms Swisslog's leading position in logistics automation and increases its footprint in the region to more than a dozen major automated projects in just four years.
Making the announcment today at the Materials Handling Middle East (MHME) exhibition, Alain Kaddoum, GM, Swisslog Middle East, said the global warehouse automation specialist is proud to work with Axiom to optimise space storage and speed up the order handling and dispatch for their e-commerce and retail operations.
A period of exclusivity has been granted until 13 September 2019 and Axiom has been provided with a A$300,000 loan at 8% interest on commercial terms for working capital purposes.