AXOAsianxo (website)
AXOAlpha Chi Omega (sorority)
AXOAbandoned Explosive Ordnance (leftover wartime munitions)
AXOAccess Extension Object
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Global Banking News-September 13, 2018--BofI Holding rebrands as Axos Financial
Axomatic's Axo series is a set of solid, flexible tube filling and sealing machines dedicated to the manufacturing of laminate or metal tubes for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications.
AXO Student Living, who will manage the new facility, already run accommodation in Coventry at 15-23 Paradise Street, Sherbourne House, Vincent Street and 1 Broad Lane.
With effective use of such VG array, aerodynamic performance of nonfused airintakes is improved in terms of [C.sub.PR] (maximum rise by 6.2%), [C.sub.TL] (maximum drop by 4.42%), [DC.sub.60] (maximum reduction by 16.1%),and axo (maximum reduction by 36.58%).
In terms of resistance among the groups of isolates, a greater percentage of MRSA isolates than MSSA isolates were resistant to the following 14 antibiotics: ERY, CLI, STR, SYN, DAP, TET, AMP, RIF, LEVO, PEN, CIP, AXO, GAT, and OXA+ (Table 3).
St Andrews University residences, for instance, appear in a photomontage like grain silos on finger-docks; but their main corridor looks in an axo drawing like the deck of a liner.
Senior warrant officers are serving at all levels of command to include the Army chief of staff level where the senior warrant officer advisor serves as an AXO to the CSA.
Sephora Americas recently entered into a joint venture agreement with Grupo Axo, a company that promotes international brands in the Mexican market, to establish a retail presence in Mexico.
Explosive remnants of war (ERW) refer to unused or abandoned (AXO) and unexploded (UXO) explosive ordnance left behind after a conflict.
Casadei AXO 65 3200 Steel plate saw carriage positions
tava" (linha 2) e, na sequencia, "eu axo q o pro eh no gvs initial.policy, tenta atualiza ele com o servidor" (linhas 2-3), vemos que ele estabelece um tu (teu) e, nesse instante,