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AXONAutonomous eXtended On-Officer Network (computer worn by officer)
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While Axon sees body cameras as its long-term business future, there is still a lengthy period before it secures enough contracts with enough law enforcement agencies for its software as a service model to generate profits at a rate to satisfy shareholders.
Handing Axon a 15 month prison term the judge added he was "just about persuaded" there was justification to suspend the sentence for a year.
The ZTE Axon M is the beginning of a significant movement of smartphone capabilities, and ZTE is leading the way, said Lixin Cheng, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices.
Axon AI will extend Taser's research and development efforts and significantly expand the capabilities of the Axon network.
Cut costs, raise profits and increase flexibility with the BPM Suite by AXON IVY" is the AXON slogan.
Axon mini retains the graceful curve of the Axon but it is more compact with a 5.
elegans is rapidly emerging as a genetic model for probing axon regeneration in the mature nervous system.
The injuries crush and sever the long axons of spinal cord nerve cells, blocking communication between the brain and the body and resulting in paralysis below the injury.
The aim of this study was to characterise the early axon scaffold through a time series in the cat shark species, Scyliorhinus canicula, using immunostaining.
We also traced descending corticospinal tracts with an axon tracer in these SCI animals and found a greater number of axons to grow into the scar tissues, although a small number of corticospinal axons were detected in the caudal spinal cord.
Axon, who walks with a stick following an accident at work, was bailed pending sentence next month.
Frederic Charron, researcher at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal (IRCM), and his team, showed for the first time that a key molecule of the vascular system directs axons during the formation of neural circuits.