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AXPAmerican Express Company (stock symbol)
AXPAthlon XP
AXPAlmost Exactly Prism
AXPApplication Extension Platform (software)
AXPAutomotive X Prize (clean energy)
AXPAlpha Chi Rho
AXPAnomalous X-Ray Pulsar
AXPAmbulance Exchange Point
AXPAllied Exercise Publication
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The decision to adopt the AXP technology was primarily based on performance, notably the system's superior cell recovery and speed compared to the competition.
The Alpha AXP architecture is 64-bit with 64 bits of virtual address space, 32 64-bit integer registers, 32 64-bit floating point registers, and instructions that load, store, and operate on 64-bit quantities.
Following this approval, the company will immediately initiate commercial distribution of AXP in China, one of the world's fastest growing cord blood markets.
While Fitch believes allowing merchant steering could yield a decrease in AXP billed business volumes, it is unclear what percentage of merchants would actually offer discounts to consumers for alternative forms of payment, especially considering the loyalty consumers have to their card reward programs.
Under the revised distribution contract which runs through July 2012, financial details of which were not available, GE Healthcare will continue to distribute the AXP product line, excluding certain countries in Latin and South America, Asia, CIS and Eastern Europe.
50-compliance client can directly access the Open DRANET servers, including the Alpha AXP server.
The Alpha AXP Migration Tools team considered running old VAX binary programs on Alpha AXP computers using a simple software interpreter, but rejected this method because the performance would be too slow to be useful.
M2 PHARMA-October 11, 2011-China accepts ThermoGenesis application for AXP approval(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
has successfully ported its library automation software to Digital Equipment Corporation's 64-bit Alpha AXP RISC platforms.
AXP is fast, precise, and - according to data provided by New York Blood Center - can harvest greater than 97% of the mononucleated cell (MNC) population, which is rich in stem cells, without the use of additives.
5 February 2010 - US-based ThermoGenesis Corp (NASDAQ: KOOL) said today it has reached a new distribution agreement with GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), for its AXP AutoXpress (AXP) System used in the processing of cord blood.