AXTAmerican Xtal Technology, Inc. (various locations)
AXTAlternating Exotropia
AXTAntisemitism and Xenophobia Today (UK)
AXTAdvance Exchange Technology (Thailand)
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According to AXT, Indium phosphide is rapidly emerging as a material of choice for both new and existing applications, including optoelectronic devices for fiber optic telecommunications, passive optical networks, and data centre connectivity, as well as solar cells and next-generation wireless amplifiers.
This installation is particularly significant, said AXT, as it is the first mine site installation of an automated SEM-based minerals analysis system in Australia.
AXT testing is a costly and time consuming process.
AXT is a matter of how the cable is arranged; physical interference with cables can invalidate any previous testing.
This concentration provided enough AXT for the lobsters to develop wild-type shell coloration (Tlusty & Hyland 2005).
3-D AXT also provides intuitive images of defects, ensuring correct repair.
with Columbus Cello Poly for packaging its pre-made sandwiches in high barrier Bicor AXT.
with converter Columbus Cello Poly for packaging its sandwiches in high barrier Bicor AXT.
The 1996-1997 files contained HSAX, AXT Composite scores, and college grades for 219,435 first-year students from 301 postsecondary institutions, and the 1996-1997 data consisted of the same information for 782,957 students.
AXT cooked gallium and arsenic into an ingot that was then sliced thin for further processing.
Precision engineering specialist, Weston EU, based at Foulridge, near Colne in Lancashire, has recently installed a USF VacuBlast Ventus 150 AXT automated glass bead peening machine specifically for the controlled processing of aero engine compressor blade aerofoils for fatigue life enhancement.
s AXT series measures compressive or tensile force in ounces without any conversion.