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AXXAssign XXX Routing (US DoD)
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AR1800 S10[degrees]/156[degrees] first appeared on Jul 18 as a single Axx sunspot close to the SE limb.
Over the same weekend, festival-goers are set to be thrilled by this year's incredible line-up at Creamfield, in Daresbury Park, from August 29-30, including Dizzee Rascal, Basement J axx, Calvin Harris, Erick Morillo and Sasha.
(SPTI) newly promoted senior veep and managing director' Asia Todd Miller denies that Animax is a spinoff, describing it as "very much a channel in its own right with so much potential to be a market leader in Asia--on par with AXX."
Adapters and sequences PstI 5' ctc gta gac tgc gta cat gca cat ctg acg cat gt 5' EcoRI 5' ctc gta gac tgc gta cc cat ctg acg cat ggt taa 5' MseI 5' gac gat gag tcc tga gta ctc agg act cat 5' Primers and sequences PstI + a 5' gactgcgtacatgcag- aXX ([dagger]) EcoRI + a 5' gactgcgtaaccaattc- aYY ([double dagger]) MseI + c 5' gatgagtcctgagtaa- cZZ ([section]) ([dagger]) XX are null for plus 1 primers; CA, CC, or CT for plus 3 primers.
The group continued to decay as it progressed to the western limb and was type Cro on May 23 and only a single Axx sunspot near the NW limb was visible on May 25.
AR1678 N12[degrees]/068[degrees] initially seen as a single Axx type sunspot on Feb 17 trailing AR1671, the sunspot faded the following day but reemerged on Feb 19 as a substantial Dao group with an irregular penumbral sunspot at either end of the group giving it a total area of 140 millionths.
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The group continued to decline to a single Axx spot as it journeyed to the NW limb and was not seen on Dec 9.
The leading sunspot contained two umbrae by Oct 9 with several small sunspots following but decayed into a single Axx sunspot by Oct 13 when it was close to the western limb.