AXYAxis Airways (France)
AXYAtom Energy Limited (now Excelsior Gold, Ltd.; Australia)
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With a stylish design, the GalA[degrees] axy Tab S2 packs powerful performance features to offer enhanced usability, empowerA[degrees] ing users with new and improA[degrees] ved choices in productivity and multitasking.
Megan Kreiger is a mechanical engineer, Jedediah Alvey is a research assistant, Axy Pagan-Vazquez is a mechanical engineer, and Dahtzen Chu is a general engineer at the Engineer Research and Development Center-- Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Champaign, IL.
3 THE HITCHHIKERS GUI GU DE TO THE GAL GA AXY LAXY L THE sci-' comedy by Douglas Adams has also been a radio series and a TV favourite.
A GALAXY AXY A of sci-memorabilia XY of sci-memorabilia seized from a pair of Calderdale thieves was auctioned ofor PS25,000.
(2011) utilizaron el kit Axy Prep Bacterial Genomic DNA Miniprep kit, para extraer el ADN de cepas de Bacillus sp.
Now, for every pair vxy, uxy of [H.sup.c'.v] associated to edges xy of E' c E, we add two new vertices axy, bxy and change edge vxyuxy by edges: vxyaxy, axybxy and axyuxy respectively (as illustrated in the Figure 5(c)).
A loan for LA GalS axy striker Robbie Keane and the capture of Shamrock Rovers defender Enda Stevens were the sum of McLeish's business last month.
Naturally, there are plugs for her novels, perfumes, equestrian range, fake tan, clothing and false lashes, and a spread about her reality TV show."d axy, ,Plus with ads from Cadbury, Galaxy, Kinder and Wrigley, her latest brainchild is expected to net her an annual pounds 370,000 profit.
(6) The measured words include xany 'cloudy (water)', xax 'type of fish', xets 'soap', xemp 'always', pax 'deer', Mix 'woman', neex 'daughter', axy 'straight (hair)', pixy 'cotton'.
Dreams of setting up her own agency were still dreams till the agency pitched for a very high-profile client, a company called AXY Automobiles*.